New York City based German Mistress Leona Stern

Monday, June 23, 2014


I will host sessions Wednesday and Thursday this week. Please plan accordingly.

Unlike other Mistresses who say that "they don't overbook", and then take a 1 hour session at 3PM, another 1 hour session at 4PM, yet another 1 hour session at 5PM, and finally a 2 hours session starting at 6PM sharp...I actually really only like to see no more than 1-2 new people per month. I also avoid doing more than a few sessions per week, and never more than 2 in a day.

A few years ago I was so focused on booking as many sessions as possible and I realized that it is just not as much fun as having just a few close relationships with a few subs, which makes for much more intense scenes.  Doing that many sessions is physically draining, but more importantly - to Me- overbooking can leave Me emotionally and psychologically bankrupt. Not worth it.

Granted, it is probably more difficult to schedule with Me than with most people. Also because I am constantly traveling. When looking for new members for My stable, it has been a common complaint of subs that their prior Mistress "traveled too much".

Well, guess what, unless you pay My mortgage, cover My health insurance, and buy Me groceries, you actually have about ZERO say in when I travel, for how long and where I am going. 

I will pay as much attention to you as much as you contribute to Me and My lifestyle choices.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

July + August 2014 Availibility + Travel

During the hottest NYC month I like to travel. I have 3 separate opportunities to travel within and outside the U.S. this summer. These are the cities I am currently considering for travel in July and August:

Washington, D.C.
San Francisco

If you contribute to My travel fund you will not need to make deposit or pay an application fee for live session. 
Click here to request Me coming to your city next. 

20th-26th UES/Midtown
27th -July 1st Midtown 
July 2nd - July 6th TES FEST New Jersey

July 7th - July 13th 
to your city

July 7th- July 27th GERMANY

July 29th - August 3rd 
to your city

August 4th - August 11th: Hawaii

August 16th - August 19th
to your city

In NYC after August 20th UES/Midtown

September 19th possibly San Francisco.
September 21st Folsom Street Fair

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


German Mistress Leona Stern will be on tour for large part of June, please plan accordingly.

German Mistress in San Francisco
June 5th - not available
June 6th - available
June 7th - available [Dungeon Space available if needed]
June 8th - available [Dungeon Space available if needed]
June 9th -  not available
June 10th - not available [airport ride needed both ways]

 Double Sessions in San Francisco
While in San Francisco, I will rent Dungeon space from the Vinyl Queen when needed. She will also be available for Double Sessions with Me while I am in town. Please contact Me directly ( to set up an appointment. 

Here is a list of activities that are of interest to the Vinyl Qeen
(I've highlighted My personal favorites):

 Public Humiliation



Tease and Denial

slave Training



German Mistress in Las Vegas
I will be traveling with My personal slave and only take a limited number of "other" sessions. you must have a reference or provide a $75 screening fee in order to qualify to see Me.

June 12th - not available
June 13th - available
June 14th - available
June 15th - not available
June 16th - not available

If you are available for airport pick up  
June 11th (shortly after midnight) 
JFK to UES, 
email Me:

Additional Airport Shuttle needed
August 5th morning UES-Newark
August 12th after work Newark-UES

Starting June 1st 
all personal chauffeurs 
will earn following session credit:

JFK/Newark -50
La Guardia - 25

Friday, May 16, 2014

June 1st Bukkake Party

Having another Bukkake Party June 1st. Last time was lots of fun for Me and My helper. 

Please contact Mistress Leona ( to participate.  

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

One of My favourite times of the year

Once again,
I will be visiting San Francisco one week in June.
Sessions will be possible
June 5th - June 9th

The thought of spending a couple of days sessioning in San Francisco, leaves Me immensely pleased. Last year everything was perfect! Driver reliably picked Me and My pet up from airport and W/we had some interesting conversations over delicious lunch

My Hotel Suite was so amazing that I booked the same room for this years San Franciso trip! 

During this trip I am staying in Lower Pacific Heights in San Francisco. Appropriate for a Goddess, I've rented the largest space available in the small boutique Hotel. 

Mistress will travel with an additional suitcase filled with fun toys, including several wardrobe options. No traveling light this time!
Individuals who are able to adhere to simple protocols should apply for private session with Me. Discretion is nonnegotiable, reference and deposit may be required. 

Looking forward to exploring… 


Monday, May 12, 2014

Cowardly Lion - or how to talk to the Goddess

If you don't know what to say when contacting Me, here is an idea: Why don't you start by telling Me what type session you like. To help you pick a label f I have gathered some common requests. 

1. Novice 

Respectful individuals of all experience levels are welcome, as long as you are eager to learn... I am able to facilitate your submissive/kinky journey. you are new and have no or limited experience. Maybe you have had a bad experience at a commercial house, only played privately, or seen just a few professional Dominatrices before.

2. SSO 

you are SSO - Simply Stressed out, your job is demanding, your wife has little understanding, and you are just tired of being in control all the time. For once you would like someone else to take over, temporarily telling you what to do, helping you release some of your stress. 

3. Fetishist 

Being submissive is not a requirement to start a relationship with Me, being respectful is. Regardless if you like leather, latex, fur, or hot blonds with big boobs (okay, then again who doesn't?). I am a big believer that there is absolutely noting that doesn't turn somebody on. So, what's your kink?

4. New Girlfriend

Have I mentioned that I love men in pantyhose?! sissies, cross-dressers, transvestites, trans-genders, and everyone in between is more than welcome to apply to join My circle of  friends. No matter how much or how little transformation you are comfortable with...I will put in touch with your inner femininity. 

5. Foot Enthusiast

you know who you are. Contact Me and I may allow you to worship My genetically perfect, always  pedicured, curvy feet. 

6. Bondage Lover

It is not a secret that I love binding you inescapably. My studio is equipped to effectively tie you up lying down or standing up. If you are into heavy bondage, I recommend a minimum booking time of  3  hours .

7. Slave

When did you first realize that you ought to be owned? Have you had these fantasies as long as you can think, or is this a recent development? Most importantly: How will you serve Me? 

8. The Humbled

 Verbal, physical, severe humiliation. Maybe even racial play or public scenes. I am a humiliatrix at heart, and if you love to be humbled, then I'd love to meet you.

9. Pain Slut

Most people are not into pain, but you are. Keep in mind that I draw the line where I draw blood. Personal Hard Limit, respect that. 

10. Piggy Bank 

Congratulations! you have realized that all your hard-earned money really belongs to Me. you will suffer so that I can live in luxury and you love that you are working hard to please the Goddess.    


 following is a 2013 update to this post, which was originally published in February 2011


12. Race Play

Doing and saying the things that you are just "not suppose to" do and say are really H-O-T to doesn't mean that I am actually racist, or endorse Nazi Concentration camps..... NO, it simply means that I recognize the desire to experience this type of play in a safe, non-judgmental environment for those who consensually choose to engage in this type of play. Email Me, I am an enabler.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Europa Session

Looking for sub to join scene with Me and My European stud Wednesday or Thursday.


Friday, May 2, 2014

Vacation Time!

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a FemDomme girlfriend to "call your own" ;-p Here is your chance, let's call it "subby-hubby" Tryouts *\o/*

For one week this October I may accept a worthy slave to drool at My beautiful feet 24/7. My preferred scenario, includes many wardrobe changes for My pet and Myself. Especially looking forward to creatively dressed sissy maid (maybe even **Gothic Lolita** - extra points ;) 

Of course simply wearing slightly more girly bathing suit (did I hear Speedo anyone?), or a little pink ruffle under your "man attire" would be acceptable to Me as well.

Escape the cold with the German Goddess this fall:
(Click on the Picture below to find more about this opportunity)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

White panties & Ruby Showers

I assure you there must be an unwritten law, it's a very powerful law, not to overstate this, but it may be almost as inflexible as the law of gravity. This unwritten law seems to dictate that every time a certain someone, let's call her Leona S., no, too obvious, L. Stern, so every time Mme Stern puts on a nice crisp pair of white underwear she is about to start menstruating. Do not kid yourself, it does not appear to make a difference if the undergarments are silk, cotton or satin, Auntie Ruby does not even shy away from ruining a perfectly fine pair of La Perla or Agent Provocateur unmentionables.

Now, even so all Ruby showers are nothing short of titillating, my favorite human tampon disposals are the mega-Jewish boys. Why? Well, if you know anything about Judaism, you know that observing men can not even touch their wive during "Niddah". Married couples sleep in separate beds, wives who are usually responsible for pouring their husbands dink, won't do so during this time of "ritual impurity".

It makes it all just so much more naughty, and if you know anything about me, you know the more naughty and edgy a subject is....the more it turns me on. A lot of my fantasies are centered on mental domination, mind control and psychological mind fucks. Pardon my French, I will go and soap my mouth now.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Men in heels!

Mistress loves putting those big manly feet into stilettos. Today I purchased 3 new pairs for all those boys that love to wear sexy heels for Me.
All sizes are Womens US, as I am a big believer that good girls should know their appropriate female shoe size.

Sleek black stilettos

Size 14 

6.5" heel, 2" Platform

Classic Marry-Janes

Size 15

4" heel 

Light Pink Sandal

Size 16

6" Heel, 1.5" Platform