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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day

Thank you to everyone who has expressed their love and devotion by sending Me a token of support via Green Dot Money Pack, Gift card or a gift from My wish list. 

It means the world to Me that My most loyal fans understand that 'talk is cheap' and step up with manifest display of gratitude. 
If you have been in ongoing contact with Me you already know that I have struggled with an reoccurring medical problem that was once again aggravated in 2014. My road to recovery has led Me to an excellent State of the art treatment facility where I was able to regain almost all of My mobility.

Experiencing the fragile nature of good health first hand I decided to even further narrows My selection of company to those who show the most promise. It is amazing to see how much better  every aspect of My being looks and feels after removing the negative, selfish, and freeloading actors in My life.

Moving forward I am no longer interested in personal slaves or "friends" in the Fetish Scene. Please do not contact Me about attending your party, traveling with or to you, or joining you for dinner without compensation.

Thank you for understanding that I value My time and that a selfish and freeloading requestes will be ignored.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Make Me feel like the Queen {that I am}

 V-Day Countdown

The 2015 internet and especially Twitter and Instagram seems to be filled with pop-up "FemDomme" (usually Bratty Princess - Financial Domination Focused - Self-Entitled for no reason - Demanding without basis - - - $$$$POIL ME!!! - TYPES) who like to beg for or brag about how many gifts are purchased from their Wishlists  more than ever before. 

Without joining the ranks of this new generation of "Insta-Dommes", I want thank everyone who thought of Me during the holidays. 2014 Christmas was the most spectacular yet!...ALSO>>>Thank you, AGAIN, to everyone who $poiled Me with Amazon Gift Cards and other presents in 2014.

{If I have not personally reached out to you, or send you photographs of Me with the gift(s) you send Me, feel free to nudge Me, remind Me, and point out to Me which gift you are responsible for (if you gifted anomynously). }

It is great to see that My fan base is loyal and committed to making My life easier, more luxurious, and most importantly increasingly F*U*N =D. My interests have evolved over the years, but I always still adore Dress Up and Love Lights more than anything! 

This morning I spend a couple hours dividing My wishlists into various sub-lists (no pun intended), including putting all My WANTED BOOKS on ONE LIST called "BOOK CLUB" =D.  Books are a great way to start discourse.

If you have been trying to get My attention without much success in the past, then  My Valentine's Day Wishlist is a great place to start. Make sure to include your email or phone number and your name in the "GIFT NOTE", and I may reach out to you to thank you personally. 

In 2015 I am hoping to UPGRADE My Photography and Video Game. Still need Software (Final Cut Pro) and a new laptop (MacBookAir, as My MACPRO is too heavy to carry anywhere). Also looking forward to receiving all the outfits from My Lingerie & Pantyhose Wishlist, which has been particularly popular with My cuckolds.  

Just imagine how fabulous I would look in any of these: 

 V-Day is in a little over two weeks, let the scanty outfits roll in!!!


Monday, January 26, 2015

In Regards to Niteflirt

Find My latest success story here. Thank you for all the Gift Cards, Christmas Gifts, Green Dot Money Packs (Leona's Phone is dead due to Budget, but if you have My personal number you can still text Me # + Zip or email Me). 

Thank you also for the air mile donations. Getting to a warmer climate for the rest of the winter will help Me greatly with My S.A.D. condition. Paying My Manhattan rent while I am away is now the biggest issue, if you like to sponsor please step up A.S.A.P.

There will be ZERO tolerance for "I had a Mistress in Manhattan, but she moved away" type crying that I have heard so many times over the years. Expecting a young attractive Mistress with the means to support herself in one of the most expensive cities of the world to just "lifestyle Domme" you for fun is unrealistic. Period.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

#LEONA Stern vs. Corperation of the United States

#LEONA Stern vs. Corperations of the United States

I wonder if Amazon is going to keep Me locked out just like Twitter so shamelessly refuses to respond to My costumer service requests for My @GermanMistress handle.


Update January 13th, Amazon Account unlocked, shamelessness spending all of My years of Gift Cards and will try to avoid them afterwards.


Twitter support still non-existent.  

Monday, December 29, 2014

Cowardly Lion - or how to talk to the Goddess

If you don't know what to say when contacting Me, here is an idea: Why don't you start by telling Me what type session you like. To help you pick a label f I have gathered some common requests. 

1. Novice 

Respectful individuals of all experience levels are welcome, as long as you are eager to learn... I am able to facilitate your submissive/kinky journey. you are new and have no or limited experience. Maybe you have had a bad experience at a commercial house, only played privately, or seen just a few professional Dominatrices before.

2. SSO 

you are SSO - Simply Stressed out, your job is demanding, your wife has little understanding, and you are just tired of being in control all the time. For once you would like someone else to take over, temporarily telling you what to do, helping you release some of your stress. 

3. Fetishist 

Being submissive is not a requirement to start a relationship with Me, being respectful is. Regardless if you like leather, latex, fur, or hot blonds with big boobs (okay, then again who doesn't?). I am a big believer that there is absolutely noting that doesn't turn somebody on. So, what's your kink?

4. New Girlfriend

Have I mentioned that I love men in pantyhose?! sissies, cross-dressers, transvestites, trans-genders, and everyone in between is more than welcome to apply to join My circle of  friends. No matter how much or how little transformation you are comfortable with...I will put in touch with your inner femininity. 

5. Foot Enthusiast

you know who you are. Contact Me and I may allow you to worship My genetically perfect, always  pedicured, curvy feet. 

6. Bondage Lover

It is not a secret that I love binding you inescapably. My studio is equipped to effectively tie you up lying down or standing up. If you are into heavy bondage, I recommend a minimum booking time of  3  hours .

7. Slave

When did you first realize that you ought to be owned? Have you had these fantasies as long as you can think, or is this a recent development? Most importantly: How will you serve Me? 

8. The Humbled

 Verbal, physical, severe humiliation. Maybe even racial play or public scenes. I am a humiliatrix at heart, and if you love to be humbled, then I'd love to meet you.

9. Pain Slut

Most people are not into pain, but you are. Keep in mind that I draw the line where I draw blood. Personal Hard Limit, respect that. 

10. Piggy Bank 

Congratulations! you have realized that all your hard-earned money really belongs to Me. you will suffer so that I can live in luxury and you love that you are working hard to please the Goddess.    


 following is a 2013 update to this post, which was originally published in February 2011


12. Race Play

Doing and saying the things that you are just "not suppose to" do and say are really H-O-T to doesn't mean that I am actually racist, or endorse Nazi Concentration camps..... NO, it simply means that I recognize the desire to experience this type of play in a safe, non-judgmental environment for those who consensually choose to engage in this type of play. Email Me, I am an enabler.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

New Pictures on Niteflirt!

Been really active on Niteflirt lately as I am unable to get out for live sessions.
Call Me, I know you miss Me too ;)

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