Like Prison

Sensory Full Deprivation Chamber

Lately I've fantasized, more than usual, about extended scenes focused on abduction, kidnapping, and military-style interrogation and re-programming. The type of 'play' that becomes real authentic, real quick. The type of total emerging scenes where My victim becomes completely dependent. 100% reliant on Me for everything, even for the most basic human needs. Some of the 'enhanced interrogation methods' I am particularly fond of are things like sleep and food deprivation. Making the POW (Prisoner of War) stand up all night while forcing them to stay awake. Sometimes even locked in total (dark) solitude for days, only with minimum food and a bucket for you know what...
I'd love to put you in a place where you become totally unaware of time and space. Sensory limitation may aid Me in this process. I like to break you down, get inside of your head, and change you permanently...scar your soul...forever.


PSA: Currently in Manhattan

until August 20th, which is when I take a 1 Week personal Trip. . .

you are welcome


"Throw Back Thursday"

- MLS, 2008

I adore role-play and am very good at it, and in that very little is taboo. I am also fully equipped and have a large collection of toys for My amusement. I tend to be very sensuous in my sessions and have an innate ability to tease you into a frenzy.  
Normally I  shy away from heavy medical play, particularly if it involves blood, I do however have access to a full medical room for role play scenarios. I do not provide any medical play that involves utheral penetration, cutting, or heavy piercings- mainly due to My concern for Health.


Religion is the Opium of the People

I am your religion and addiction.

  Now you are with me, kneeling before Me, you feel whole, complete. That void within you is filled, for the first time, ever. At last, a sense of total belonging. When My eyes gaze into yours you will lose yourself completely in My reality. you enter My dimension of being. At one point, you thought your fantasies were complex, ravishing … Of such great depth, that they seemed unobtainable. 

Suddenly you realize that I lead you towards something much deeper than you could have ever even thought of. My world hits you harder and you fall lower into total submission - for Me. 
  At this point, and only if you allow it, then I will become your one true God, your religion. The single most important aspect of your life. The singularity that sucks you in. Everything in your pathetic existence starts to be orchestrated around My Powers over you.

Finding yourself entirely intoxicated with excitement. I am your new drug, your new Mistress. The Goddess who you crave and can no longer live without. I give true meaning to your life. Something mystical, baffling, yet so simple: 
Me Goddess - you slave - you serve - you belong.