New York City based German Mistress Leona Stern

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Personal Slave Wanted

Replacement for someone Irreplaceable

For a number of years I had a local personal slave on the Upper East Side. W/we met when I was still in College and the relationship developed ever so organically.

He loved High Protocol, I loved slapping him around.

It was awesome to have someone near by (he lived on E 77th Str.) who would be at My beck and call. Since he worked from home I could summon him several times a month to pay for Manis and Pedis. He liked making sure that I looked good. I also liked that we could have occasional "regular" dates, fine dining on his company credit card (bad boy or maybe good boy for creative accounting;), or cuddling up on the couch and watching a movie (yes I do that sometimes...).

He joined Me in a trip to Atlanta and we also spend some time together in Las Vegas. The relationship was intense and close, but D/s based. I loved wallet raping him. Just taking his lunch money, and he didn't mind giving it to Me.

He annoyed the shit out of me sometimes, but he was reasonable enough for Me to keep him around. Plus he was tall and in shape so I didn't mind showing him off at fetish parties. Also I always like bringing My "wallet" with Me.

When he got engaged he begged Me if I would allow him to continue to come clean My house once he got married. I think his addiction to Me was too strong so he told Me that he has to leave the lifestyle.

That part of the story is sad...he was My best friend. For 5+ years W/we saw each other several times a week and then he was to his new purely vanilla life.

I've been guarded against "personals" since then. It was a great loss, and it still hurts.

So I guess here is your first TASK / Slave Assignment : cheer Me up!

Hey, wanna help Me get over My last Bitch? Approach respectfully if you meet a number of the following desired criteria:

  • live on the UES or willing to relocate
  • Financially Stable
  • Have Disposable Income
  • *Happy* to spend some of this Disposable Income on making Me *HAPPY*
  • Able to carry groceries and other heavy stuff
  • Not looking for "free session"
  • Positive Attitude
  • Enjoys Fine Dining
  • Able to Chauffeur Me or pay for cabs from / to airport
  • Great at Foot Massage
  • Speaks German
  • Plays the Guitar
  • Enjoys being slapped around and spat on
  • wants to move in with Me eventually (one can dream right wink? ) 

To apply for this position:

Step 1. Buy something from My wishlist

Step 2. IMPORTANT: send it to yourself

Step 3. Schedule a  preliminary meeting with Me (coffee/ lunch / drink / etc see gifts on contact page.

Step 4. Meet Me in public and impress Me with your first gift/ sign of affection / commitment.

Step 5. W/we live happily ever after.

Sunday, June 28, 2015


Meet My Porn Star Alter Ego
Many of you enjoy CBT, which stands for 'cock and ball torture'. Maybe you love watching those heavy ball busting clips on the internet, *nudge* *nudge* ;-) but know you could never be man enough to take that kind of beat down.

But you still fantasize about it...I know you do. you think about how sexy it would be to see an attractive woman like German Mistress destroy a man's testicles. Well, here is your chance! I've actually been invited to film some videos with My European friend Mistress Renee Trevi and I will be uploading them to My Video Section as they become available. 

Filming in New York City, I find I meet some of the Hottest Dommes, and without sounding too shallow, let's be honest about something here; looks are very important...I know I can make you do things they never thought they would...make you suffer for Me, sacrifice for Me and forget your former sense and become My total property as I take Ownership of you.

I am a Seductress, a Temptress, a Humiliatrix and Manipulator. I don't play that role, it is just who I naturally am.

Friday, June 26, 2015

German Mistress in the Capital

The German Goddess will be available in Washington, DC from July 11th, 2015 onwards.

Please plan accordingly.

During My stay in D.C. I wish to explore HUMILIATION, Human Ashtray (bring cigs. I don't smoke outside of session), Bondage, Sensual Punishments, Discipline, Kink, Golden Showers (Natural Champange is a German Specialty!), cross dressing, sissy servitude, settle public humiliation (show Me all the great restaurants D.C. has to offer), piggies, SPITTING, sploshing, panty and stocking worship, Foot and Leg Worship, Goddess worship, Ass kissings (literally and figuratively), Teade and Denial and other fun Games!

Hard Sports available for additional tribute.  

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Sissy Fantasy

I have such a soft spot for you sissies. Feminisation is one of the fetishes that I love the most. There are so many types! There are the ones who come to Me with no interest in sissification. "I don't really like forced fem Mistress, just a little bit of tease and denial". I just smile and nod. I don't tell them that I have heard that before from many men who now cannot go to the office without wearing panties under their suits. Men who claimed they had no interest in sissification who now shave their body hair, masturbate only with a vibrator and refer to their cock as their sissy clit. And these were all men who came to Me all macho and proud. I took such joy in rearranging their weak male brains and implanting new fetishes and desires! It is one of my favorite things to play with your mind and make you crave something that you never thought you would. Once you realize that Mistress Leona Stern has brought out your inner sissy, you are forever dependent on me to deepen your transformation. That fetish is forever associated with Me, the Goddess who implanted it in you. In fact, My little sissy, in many ways you can say I am your creator, your God, the one who released you from the shackles of your male archetype, molded you, and breathed life into you as a dirty little whore.

If you're thinking of a way to thank me for this, don't worry. I am sure you will come up with some ideas during the lifetime of servitude and devotion to me that I have now decreed as your future ;)

And then there is the other type of sissy. the one who comes to Me with the fetish fully formed. Already a wanton slut, so willing, so desperate. I love these little sluts just as much, because no matter how far down the road they have gone, Mistress can take them further. Have you been out dressed to a fetish club yet, walking a few paces behind me with your eyes trained on the ground, waiting to refresh my drink? No? Don't worry, you soon will be. You may dress like a little slut, but have you started to act like one, using your filthy little whore mouth to pleasure as many men as possible? No? Don't worry, under Mistress' psychological control you will start to crave cock to the extent that you will not be able to walk down the street without checking out the package of every man who walks by. Cock will become your new obsession, my pretty little slut. Maybe you could start to turn tricks? But don't get any funny ideas about keeping your 'earnings'. Mistress created you, so Mistress has a right to those. Think of what pleasure it will bring you to whore yourself out, knowing that you are earning money to make your Goddess' life better.

No matter how far down this twisted little path you have gone, Mistress can always take you further. In fact, it is a guarantee. So come into My Queendom, abandon your useless little male ego, and let My artistry release your inner whore. We both know that it's going to happen sooner or later. That's why you keep coming back to My blog. It's your destiny. So why fight it anymore?

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Flow of Consciousness

Breaking men is My passion and My art.

Call Me now and become My canvas, as I paint My delicious and wicked desires all over you.

I have many interests, and prospective supplicants are encouraged to read over My feedback and blog to get to know Me better before offering their servitude.

Consider it your first act of devotion to learn everything you can about Me. In My writings you will learn many things about your Goddess, and everything you need to become a useful possession of Mine.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

It's your lucky day boys!

 Decided to bring back Preliminary meetings: Coffee, Lunch, Kinky Cocktail and Dinner. See "Suggestions" and "Contact Protocol" for more details.  

Strongly prefer getting to know limited number of serious subs over converter belt style session. No judgement or offense to those who enjoy causal meetings.

My desire is to find true devotees who offer their utility to Me in a capacity that requires something deeper, with a real connection. 

Getting together before or after an extended session can be complimentary for those who serve Me on an ongoing basis. 

This is very much a lifestyle to Me. Please don't offend Me by forgetting that is a privilege to serve Me, not a right.

Just because you have the $$$ to pay Me does not mean you will be accepted. I only spend time with those I feel genuine sense of compatibility and chemistry with.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

First Look - New Picture

The German Goddess has returned to dominate Manhattan ;)

My time off was filled with wonderful experiences and thank you to all the awesome people I met on My travels!. 

The Era of being only Semi-active has come to an end.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

FemDomme Personal Trainer - Dominatrix "Whipping" you into shape

We all know what we need to do, or should be doing, but getting started on actually doing it, or simply "sticking with the program" can be difficult, even for the most driven of U/us. 

Giving a sub the right motivation to get in shape for his Mistress, I effortlessly support your weight loss or get fit regiment

Improving others just comes to me naturally. If I wasn't a dominatrix, I'd probably be a motivational speaker, a personal trainer, or a life coach; getting others "off their ass" is just something I am naturally good at.

Besides this I posses a great amount of "Common Sense". Do I really need to tell you that it is all about burning more calories than you consume. Every time I see an overweight person drinking diet soda, I really have to restrain Myself, not to yell at them: "How about trying it with water fat ass?"

April 2015

Incorporating health goals into Role Play Scenarios can be tons of fun. My affinity for all types of uniforms, restraining attire, combat play and military role-play fetishes doesn't hurt either ;) 

Now get on the floor and give Me 20!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Cowardly Lion - or how to talk to the Goddess

If you don't know what to say when contacting Me, here is an idea: Why don't you start by telling Me what type session you like. To help you pick a label f I have gathered some common requests. 

1. Novice 

Respectful individuals of all experience levels are welcome, as long as you are eager to learn... I am able to facilitate your submissive/kinky journey. you are new and have no or limited experience. Maybe you have had a bad experience at a commercial house, only played privately, or seen just a few professional Dominatrices before.

2. SSO 

you are SSO - Simply Stressed out, your job is demanding, your wife has little understanding, and you are just tired of being in control all the time. For once you would like someone else to take over, temporarily telling you what to do, helping you release some of your stress. 

3. Fetishist 

Being submissive is not a requirement to start a relationship with Me, being respectful is. Regardless if you like leather, latex, fur, or hot blonds with big boobs (okay, then again who doesn't?). I am a big believer that there is absolutely noting that doesn't turn somebody on. So, what's your kink?

4. New Girlfriend

Have I mentioned that I love men in pantyhose?! sissies, cross-dressers, transvestites, trans-genders, and everyone in between is more than welcome to apply to join My circle of  friends. No matter how much or how little transformation you are comfortable with...I will put in touch with your inner femininity. 

5. Foot Enthusiast

you know who you are. Contact Me and I may allow you to worship My genetically perfect, always  pedicured, curvy feet. 

6. Bondage Lover

It is not a secret that I love binding you inescapably. My studio is equipped to effectively tie you up lying down or standing up. If you are into heavy bondage, I recommend a minimum booking time of  3  hours .

7. Slave

When did you first realize that you ought to be owned? Have you had these fantasies as long as you can think, or is this a recent development? Most importantly: How will you serve Me? 

8. The Humbled

 Verbal, physical, severe humiliation. Maybe even racial play or public scenes. I am a humiliatrix at heart, and if you love to be humbled, then I'd love to meet you.

9. Pain Slut

Most people are not into pain, but you are. Keep in mind that I draw the line where I draw blood. Personal Hard Limit, respect that. 

10. Piggy Bank 

Congratulations! you have realized that all your hard-earned money really belongs to Me. you will suffer so that I can live in luxury and you love that you are working hard to please the Goddess.    


 following is a 2013 update to this post, which was originally published in February 2011


12. Race Play

Doing and saying the things that you are just "not suppose to" do and say are really H-O-T to doesn't mean that I am actually racist, or endorse Nazi Concentration camps..... NO, it simply means that I recognize the desire to experience this type of play in a safe, non-judgmental environment for those who consensually choose to engage in this type of play. Email Me, I am an enabler.

Monday, December 29, 2014

SCSF - Strip Club Spank Fest

Even though I would not consider Myself to be peculiarly bi-sexual, I do quite like the company of a good slave-girl once in a while. .Just a few weeks ago I took My visiting pet "john" the octolinguistic to a local gentleman's club in Manhattan. For the record it was the Sapphire Club, formerly Scores, under the 59th Street bridge. Sometimes I wonder if equally magical things happen at Hustler, Penthouse Executive,  or Flashdancers.

There was more than enough beautiful women, unfortunately most of them looked quite bored. Luckily it did not take long until a cute brunette with a perfect body stuck out to Me. She responded immediately when I called her over to sit with Me. It took no more than three sentences to establish that the girl had a brain too. (I have a Zero tolerance policy for stupidity).

Promptly she accepted My offer. "I'd love to give you a spanking, but I suppose I'd have to take you to a place a little bit more private". Champagne Rooms to Strippers are like Custom Latex to the German Goddess - an exquisite treat, only received by the most serious admirer. Once settled in, I found Myself surrounded by tasty bottle of Champagne, My brunette Hottie, john the octolinguistic, and another Asian dancer W/we all picked up on the way into the back..for not reason other than...she looked fun ;p

What a night! I got to spank both of the ladies, humiliate My pet in front of the dancers, and entered the next dimension of  causal kink when W/we extended to the second hour. Since I don't whip and tell (everything) you may let your imagination run wild at this point. . . 

As I like to say, I will take you to a place that you have not even dreamed of until you arrive there. A place you did not know existed, and that is mostly because it does not. Let Me explain this, the reason why I can not even describe this place vaguely, or tell you more anything about it, is because it has not yet come to be. 

your journey starts here, and you are about to enter a world that is fueled by your desire, perversion, kink, and imagination. I am an Enabler, a facilitator, your Goddess.