Note to Self: Clear privacy data

Found this recent occurrence very amusing so I will share it: About few weeks ago I was at my friends house. Three male roommates lived at the house: my friend, Peter and Brian (who had just moved in). So one day I used the computer to check, the next day Peter used the same computer and I guess he must have seen the site in the browsing history. When Peter saw the site he said to my friend "What the...collarme???...Jesus, ...this new roommate is into some wired shit" I wasn't there when he said that but I thought it was hilarious that he found it and then blamed the weirdness on Chris...haha If you have any funny (true) stories feel free to share them with me. I love to laugh.

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  1. Your Note to Self, about clearing privacy data would always prove to be crucial should You not have sole access to the computer. At least in this instance, You proved to be above suspicion and got a good laugh out of Peter's discovery, while the so called weirdness was blamed on Chris. Nice!!



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