What is this?

D/s is living for the pleasure of the Goddess you worship, adore, and cherish with all your heart.  She using all the powers in Her arsenal to strip you of your ego so that the only thing you can think of is Her and pleasing her.  

For Her to be such a part of your pathetic existence that you wake, think and dream of nothing but Her, the Goddess you adore.

your goal is to become an extension of Her whim and live for Her happiness knowing that your only reward is Her pleasure.

male ego = stripped away completely

male desire = so totally consumed by Her that pleasing Mistress is the only important thing in the world


Is this 11/9?






...and now: sick, societal, and system wide...

There is nothing quite as satisfying as ripping into (metaphorically and figuratively) a finance guy whose world is about to be completely shattered. I bet it feel pretty unsettling not to know if your life will be absolutely destroyed over in the foreseeable future. Your vision is blurred by a strange fog. Impending doom..
Let's have a little chat, bring a cigar, as your dreams are about to go up in smoke.


New Home

Since I am no longer using the name "Mistress Hannah", I decided to move all blogs over to this new home.


your new wife is a Domme

Imagine? What if you got married and realized your new wife is a Master Manipulator...whatever She is doing to you- She had planned out waaaay in advance. Ha! So you  *thought* you had a choice...but all along you really didn't, especially now that the Papers are signed. She will use all of her Tools and Resources to get whatever She wants. ... whatever.
Pearls, Furs, Hair appointments...the full treatment. However She doesn't stop there. She has plans for you. She does with you as She pleases. She sees the big picture long before you do, She has seen where this is going for a long time. She loves to use you, and you love being used. 
This is your new reality, you no longer have a choice, you are her real property