your new wife is a Domme

Imagine? What if you got married and realized your new wife is a Master Manipulator...whatever She is doing to you- She had planned out waaaay in advance. Ha! So you  *thought* you had a choice...but all along you really didn't, especially now that the Papers are signed. She will use all of her Tools and Resources to get whatever She wants. ... whatever.
Pearls, Furs, Hair appointments...the full treatment. However She doesn't stop there. She has plans for you. She does with you as She pleases. She sees the big picture long before you do, She has seen where this is going for a long time. She loves to use you, and you love being used. 
This is your new reality, you no longer have a choice, you are her real property 


  1. This is the stuff dreams are made of Goddess :)

  2. i always longed for a marriage where my Wife owns me.


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