It's a little something called "Boundaries"

They say nothing in life is free yet some potential slaves don't live by that theory. I am a lifestyle Domme but for a few years I have also been a Professional Mistress. Most potential slaves that have been in touch with me recently, have contacted me via eros, Max Fisch and/or through My website. These services cost money, money I did not spend when I was a lifestyle Mistress.
Sometimes the slave may be impolite enough to immediately advise Me in his first correspondence that “he does not do Pros”, or he does not “pay for sessions”. Then tell Me this: Why are you contacting a ProDomme? I am not hiding the fact that this website was built for a means to generate revenue for My venture.
I have an expensive hobby: BDSM. My website, My adds, My computer to even access the internet, these are all things that came out of ProDomme Mistress Leona’s budget. When I was a lifestyle Mistress these things didn’t exist. I did not have an internet presence. These worms would have never even found Me, I would select the slaves that I allowed to serve, just like I do today. I approached them, not the other way around.
Yes, I have trained and owned slaves before, but has never resulted someone answering a professional add, at least not yet. I used to meet vanilla boys and train them to become the slave I want without them sometimes realizing that they were being trained and when they accepted it, it was always to My benefit, as it should be when serving a Domme. They were truly Mine, I was the one who picked them up at a bar, the library, work, or wherever. I made them Mine, I lured them into submission. They weren’t the ones initiating contact.

Yes, it would be nice to have a personal slave for My use, one that caters to MY needs and not their own. One who understands their commitment to Me and their purpose for being My slave, but all I get are requests from those who offer to become Mine but based on their needs. How does this benefit Me?

This is why I am also a Professional Domme, so that way I can fulfill your fantasy within the time constraints of a professional relationship and although I am quite particular in the type of sessions I choose, I will try My best to fulfill your fantasy based on mutual likes and needs. But when it comes to personal slavery, you are Mine to do with as I please under My terms and until you fully understand the purpose of you serving Me, you will not get the chance to be in the position simply because, as a Domme, I know exactly what I need and want to do and what My sub will do for Me and at My discretion.

And basically offering Me services or activities with no regard for what makes My life easier or based on what I enjoy, is NOT going to help you in your quest to be My slave.

The only personal slaves I may consider at this point are those who are interested in a position as My Englisian Editor in Chief (ever hear of the relationship of Karl Marx and Engles???).  There is two components to this relationship:

1. Financial Commitment
    Many of you are eager to wave their "money dicks" around. you tell Me how successful you are, how much money you earn, and in what a great apartment/ lifestyle you live. Yet, you do not like to share. Sharing is Caring. If you don't "care", then please get lost!. This empire is not building itself, if you are not supporting Me by contributing meaningful resources.  Please move along.

2. Artist of Sorts
    First of all, I would love to have My portrait done, especially by the by the notorious FemDom Artist SARDAX. I consider Myself a Muse and I deserve to be drawn 100s of times. I am a true Goddess and My beauty shall be captured for eternity! If you are an artist who would either like to draw Me, or edit video/photos for Me then you should contact Me! Also if you are a gifted Musician or Songwriter. 

Often the people who are professional photographers, writters, editors, and other artists try to "trade" session time for their "services", because that's what "they do professionally" and they don't want to do what they do professionally for FREE. See what I did there?

 That's what I want! Someone to either contribute to Me financially, share with Me their wealth and  devotion OR someone who is passionate about creating ART for and WITH ME...because  you like spending time with Me and NOT because you are expecting XYZ activity applied to you in return.


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  1. Well written Goddess, as clearly one currently contacting you should realize their place, as well as the difference between lifestyle Domme and Professional Mistress. My feeling is, in comparison to you, we are all just worms underneath your feet. I feel that my needs completely revolve around every aspect of serving you and most importantly, making sure that all of your needs are immediately met. As your wants, needs and desires are paramount to anything else. That is a commitment that becomes second to none in my life and my sole purpose for existing. My fantasies are generated through doing everything humanly possible for the most perfect human being to walk the face of this earth, that alone is my quest and I could never imagine an honor more satisfying than to serve the one I love more than life itself.



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