FemDomme Personal Trainer - Dominatrix "Whipping" you into shape

We all know what we need to do, or should be doing, but getting started on actually doing it, or simply "sticking with the program" can be difficult, even for the most driven of U/us. 

We are really good at planning to go to the gym, but frequently fail to 'come through'. you need the right motivation to get in shape for this Goddess, My presence will  undoubtedly support your weight loss or get fit regiment

Improving others just comes to me naturally. If I wasn't a professional Douchebag, I'd probably be a motivational speaker, a personal trainer, or a life coach; getting others "off their ass" is just something I am naturally good at.
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Besides this I posses a great amount of "Common Sense". Do I really need to tell you that it is all about burning more calories than you consume. Every time I see an overweight person drinking diet soda, I really have to restrain Myself, not to yell at them: "How about trying it with water fat ass?"
Incorporating health goals into your life with Routines and Habits . My affinity for all types of uniforms, restraining attire, combat play and military games don't hurt either ;) 

Now get on the floor and give Me 20!