Just a few of my favorites

I am an expert in bondage and a lover of leather and latex.
I enjoy exploring my love of rubber and latex. I adore finding people with common interests. What if  both my submissive pet and I are covered up in a beautiful, tight, second skin of latex. From there, I may decide to add several more layers to create a cocoon of warmth, as My subject escapes into sub space.

For the Bondage Enthusiast: My interest in the art of bondage began at the NYC Rubber Studio, where I was mentored by the Head Mistress 

Ariana Chevalier for an extensive period of time. My bondage creations are as much art as they are well-designed to keep you restrained, helpless and ready for whatever I see fit.
I also have a strong passion for leather. The look, feel and smell take Me to My leather zone. Leather only reinforces My natural superiority, as you kneel before me naked and vulnerable. Watch out when I am wearing My leather military cap, as it says I am in an especially sadistic mood.