Eric Cartman goes to Europe...

 ...and German Mistress Leona Stern comes along. Or is it the other way around?

There is something to be said about being able to take a one month long trip to Europe twice a year. Yes, My life is good! you know why? I deserve it.

Because I am a Goddess.

As such, I expect to be worshiped, pampered and spoiled.

your place in relation to Me is obvious: you belong underneath My feet, not at My feet, underneath them. you are here to serve Me, in whichever way I desire.

Worship starts at the soles of My feet.
Worship in Manhattan starts at My feet.
Worship in London starts at My feet.

Now get on your knees and start worshiping!


Shopping with Herrin von Stern

Oh, the fun things I buy at Duane Reade (“Boots” in London).  With just a bit of imagination and a love for inflicting pain and causing humiliation, I can find an array of items every time I step into one of their stores. From clothespins, to alcohol,  baby-wipes, and disposable gloves. Anything I use for baby play, or turning grown men into good little girls. Make-up, nail-polish, and yes, pantyhose. Did I mention that I love men in pantyhose? =)
     Here I am picking up a number of items in the baby section, not only can they be used for infant-play, but I just love how humiliating these things can be. I wonder what people would think, if they realized why this attractive young woman is carrying around a package of adult diapers and a large box of condoms ;-)


What is a cuckold?

The answer varies, and it depends on the Mistress and Her slave/sub/sissy/pet/toy/cuck.

 Hopefully, one day, I will get around to elaborating on this topic. ;) It is something I am greatly interested in... but right now, I am running off to class.


Announcement: I shaved My legs

At the end of the summer, I thought if would be hot to grow out My armpit hair. So I did...after several weeks I had a nice little bush going. It was a weapon unlike any other. Then one day I decided to shave them, for no particular reason, just because I felt like it...
Well, yesterday I was standing in the shower, shaving, and I thought it is time to finally take the last step towards being properly acculturated American. So I took the shaving cream, bend down to apply it to My legs, and shaved all the hair off.
Man, this feels nice! I may just stick with the American Way of Body Hair!


Trip to London

My thrill seeking nature is getting the best of me

 I love excitement, I love trying new things . . .

Over the past few weeks I fantasied about taking another layover in London before heading home for the holidays. I did this once before in 2005, and it was excellent. Of course back then I was still in college and stayed at a little youth hostel in the Central part of town. This time it will be quite different. I can't wait for all the cultural things the city has to offer!

While I am there, I'll also have limited time to meet some men, submissive men.Looking forward to some stimulating lunches,  do some shopping, dinners, shows, ect. Going to another city, and being a Mistress to "foreign" men is great! The idea of it excites me!

Hopefully I can find time to train as many willing subjects as possible. Boys who will surrender control to the German Goddess. Just thinking about it puts a huge smile on my face.

Who knows,...I always fantasize about moving back to Europe, maybe I'll bump into my future-slave-husband;)


It should be illegal to own this many shoes...

but I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE shoe shopping. Today I allowed one of my long-term committed pets to take me for two new pairs.  Its time to get yet another shoe rack next.

I love different types of shoes, heels, ankle boots, knee-highs, thigh-highs, loafers, pumps, flats, sandals, Mary Janes, flip-flops, mules, and clogs.

Even so most of my shoes are black and rather conservative, I also love to shop for colorful footwear made of various materials, sporting interesting patterns and details.

A few pairs always end up being my favorites. And even as temperatures are dropping, I can not do without wearing my super-strappy-high-heels all the time ;)

Good thing I have a beautiful warm coat.


Just the right red for a true Vileness

The other day, I went to Bloomingdales to get what is probably one of the reddest lipsticks available on the American Market: MAC red. It was highly recommended by the last photographer I worked with. When I entered the make-up section, a new Cruella DeVille lip-gloss caught my attention. The little red tube portraying the image of the evil madame had my name written all over it.

Well finally has mainstream commerce recognized My needs and created a tool, which allows Me to get into My Vileness mood with the simple waiving of a wand. Now I just need to find toe nail polish in the perfect red color;),...the kind  that would turn ANY man into a subservient little the simple wave of a exciting...
Of course Mistress will keep you updated on Her quest...


The C Paradox

I like to think that you need to bring a little more to the table than simply "paying for it" - as much as that may be an important part of the equation. Money means Power. It is what makes the world go around….W/we contribute so much value to O/our currency it is sickening  - but that's another story for another entry…

Let Me explain! 

The contradiction of getting paid for domination is an odd position for Me to be in…if you pay Me then I have to do what you say. Simple isn't it? Not exactly, actually could not be further from the truth. Here is another way to look at it: In Economic Terms, Money means Purchasing Power, cash allows us to purchase goods and services in O/our everyday lives.

Every time you give Me $100, you transfer $100 of purchasing power to Me. That is $100 of Goods and Services you forgo in My favor. Therefore every time cash is involved,  you choose to transfer REAL control - you really surrender. Real Power Exchange. you want Me to live well and have nice things, don't you? If you don't want Me to live well and or have nice things then...uhm...what are you doing here?

W/we both love beautiful things…you love My beautiful Self and I love pretty things, designer bags and shoes, high quality costume and fine jewelry, relaxing vacations, fine dinning, entertainment and whatever else I may desire. I also enjoy keeping Myself looking polished. This requires regular manicures and pedicures, hair styling, waxing, a personal trainer and food with nutritional value.  All this costs money…and thus you tribute Me…thanks:)


SCSF - Strip Club Spank Fest

I consider Myself straight, however, I still enjoy the company of a good slave-girl once in a while. Just a few weeks ago I took My visiting pet "john" the octolinguistic to a local gentleman's club in Manhattan. For the record it was the Sapphire Club, formerly Scores, under the 59th Street bridge. Sometimes I wonder if equally magical things happen at Hustler, Penthouse Executive,  or Flashdancers...

Stocked with more than enough beautiful women, yet most of them looked quite bored. Nobody approached us. Shocking. A cute brunette with a perfect body stuck out to Me. I called her over to sit with Me. It took no more than three sentences to establish that the girl had a brain too. (I have a Zero tolerance policy for stupidity).

It was time for Me to present My offer,  "I'd love to give you a spanking, but I suppose I'd have to take you to a place a little bit more private". Champagne Rooms to Strippers are like Custom Latex to a Dominatrix - an exquisite treat, only received from the most serious admirer. Once settled in, I found Myself surrounded by tasty bottle of Champagne, My brunette Hottie, john the octolinguistic, and another Asian dancer W/we all picked up on the way into the back..for not reason other than...she looked fun ;p

What a night! I got to spank both of the ladies, humiliate My pet in front of the dancers, and entered the next dimension of  causal kink when W/we extended to the second hour. Since I don't whip and tell (everything) you may let your imagination run wild at this point. . .