Just the right red for a true Vileness

The other day, I went to Bloomingdales to get what is probably one of the reddest lipsticks available on the American Market: MAC red. It was highly recommended by the last photographer I worked with. When I entered the make-up section, a new Cruella DeVille lip-gloss caught my attention. The little red tube portraying the image of the evil madame had my name written all over it.

Well finally has mainstream commerce recognized My needs and created a tool, which allows Me to get into My Vileness mood with the simple waiving of a wand. Now I just need to find toe nail polish in the perfect red color;),...the kind  that would turn ANY man into a subservient little the simple wave of a exciting...
Of course Mistress will keep you updated on Her quest...

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  1. I am more than thrilled to learn that mainstream commerce has created a tool which allows you to get into your Vileness mood with the simple waiving of a Cruella DeVille lip gloss wand. I also hope that your quest for the perfect red toe nail polish is a successful one, but I can already tell you, that the red lip gloss alone is enough to have my wand standing at attention and to immediately turn me into a subservient little pet. Your tweeking of perfection breeds magnificence.



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