Eric Cartman goes to Europe...

 ...and German Mistress Leona Stern comes along. Or is it the other way around?

There is something to be said about being able to take a one month long trip to Europe twice a year. Yes, My life is good! you know why? I deserve it.

Because I am a Goddess.

As such, I expect to be worshiped, pampered and spoiled.

your place in relation to Me is obvious: you belong underneath My feet, not at My feet, underneath them. you are here to serve Me, in whichever way I desire.

Worship starts at the soles of My feet.
Worship in Manhattan starts at My feet.
Worship in London starts at My feet.

Now get on your knees and start worshiping!


Shopping with Herrin von Stern

Oh, the fun things I buy at Duane Reade (“Boots” in London).  With just a bit of imagination and a love for inflicting pain and causing humiliation, I can find an array of items every time I step into one of their stores. From clothespins, to alcohol,  baby-wipes, and disposable gloves. Anything I use for baby play, or turning grown men into good little girls. Make-up, nail-polish, and yes, pantyhose. Did I mention that I love men in pantyhose? =)
     Here I am picking up a number of items in the baby section, not only can they be used for infant-play, but I just love how humiliating these things can be. I wonder what people would think, if they realized why this attractive young woman is carrying around a package of adult diapers and a large box of condoms ;-)


What is a cuckold?

The answer varies, and it depends on the Mistress and Her slave/sub/sissy/pet/toy/cuck.

 Hopefully, one day, I will get around to elaborating on this topic. ;) It is something I am greatly interested in... but right now, I am running off to class.