My pet "bear"

I never thought this could happen, never thought it was possible.

About four years ago I met him, I remember all the hurdles he had to combat to get mistress to come out for a live encounter.

We met on, it's what I like to call a "BDSM dating site". I've made good experiences on this site, I have made bad ones. This one was the best - by far.

"Bear" has been serving me for four years, every week, usually on Wednesday or Thursday, always during business hours. Escaping his world, entering mine...One hour at a time. During the day he is a high-power executive.

When he sees me, he is able to let go. Give up control and just become his true self...for Me.

He  has been trained over four years to accept my every wish and submit to all demands.  He is married, here he is kneeling down before Me...ready to accept whatever I give him.

Whatever. . . 


Open letter to My domestic slut...

you really want to get punished, don't  you?

you forgot to take down the trash again when you left today

you know this will result in punishment

But it won't go your way this time honey...I won't be extra strict with you next time

I am not stupid I know you are trying to provoke Me.

$20 fine

How do you like them apples?



your new Mistress Leona Stern is based in New York City,
but the German Dominatrix will travel a ton next year!

Dubai / Abu DhabiJan 2nd - Jan 13th

Jan 14th - Jan 23rd

Jan 25th - Feb 2nd
May 14th - May 20th

Fort Lauderdale
May 22nd - May 29th

San Francisco
June 4th - June 6th

June 9th - July 1st

June 18th-20th

June 21st-June 23rd

Boston, MA
July 7th + 8th


July 24th - Aug 15th

Agust 18th - 25th
Charlotte, NC
Sep 2nd - 7th

Philadelphia, PA

Frankfurt, Germany
September 22nd - 26th

Las Vegas, NV
October 8th - October 9th

Atlanta, GA
October 10th-October 15th

Palm Beach, FL

London, U.K.
Oct 25th-29th

Nov 14th-17th

Miami, Fl Nov 29th-Dec2nd

Fort Myers, Fl Dec11th-Dec15th


London! November 15th to November 17th

Returning from a wonderful week long trip to Las Vegas, I am already making plans for yet another trip to London. No rest for the wicked! Whilst in London I will have limited time for prospects, thus you shall inquire early to be considered. 
Arriving on November 15th I will leave on November 17th to head to My next destination #jet-setter. Preference is always given to FiFas who have served me before, but new applicants are considered if respectful. All must be appropriately subservient.


Viva Las Vegas

View from My suite
(This is My **special** Manipulatirx Attire)

 85 Degrees in October!!!!

 Mistress Leona Stern relaxing, enjoying the last few days of sunbathing before the harsh New York City / London Winter. It feels nice to lie at the pool without having to lift a finger all day. The Goddess is taking  advantage of the full Spa program, various entertainment options, and culinary delights. It is wonderful to see that every food establishment at the Wynn has vast options of Vegan cuisine.    
Almost forgot: one more thing I just love taking advantage of : BOYS. Watch out, you may be next. 

Time for a Pedicure ;-)


Thanks  to all My special pets (particularly David - you know which one ;) who made My trip to Las Vegas shopping mayhem. I just love shopping, it is like a religion to Me, just like I, the divinity, shall be your only religion in time.  Good thing I was allowed to take back three pieces of luggage with My first class plane ticket.
Unfortunately (for you) I am completely booked up and unable to accommodate any further meetings requests during this trip.


your new Mistress's Feet

I love showing off My feet!!! Especially if it is something obnoxious like getting a getting a Foot Rub on the New York City Subway. Ahhhhh...feeeeeels gooooood.


Tying people up...

Last night My apprentice Ariel Epstein and I attended the  "Predicament Bondage" workshop at Purple Passion.  

The class was held  by the amazing Midori, who is an internationally recognized educator and Bondage Artist. I first learned about Midori, when I received one of her books as a gift from someone who knew how much I enjoy Bondage. 

When I heard about the workshop, I signed up right away. After more research on Predicament Bondage, my expectations where high,  yet Midori did not fail to exceed them. To say the least, the class was truly inspirational.

For those who enjoy restraints as much as I do, here are some of My creations, from 2008. Enjoy!


Click on the Photographs to enlarge


During the month the Month of May, I will be available to host the ones I deem worthy in My private flat in the Mayfair part of Central London. My residence allows for realistic and discreet playtime outside of the common dungeon atmosphere.
As always, My domestic setting is well equipped. Within the constraints of international travel I have also brought a more elaborate wardrobe on this journey.


New Swimsuit

Since I have been visiting the gym extensively for the past two months, it was time for a new swimsuit... I admit I also enjoy showing off the result with you FiFas, sharing is caring, right? So, here is My new Bikini! After long consideration, I decided to allow My Swiss slave to purchase the "Villa Toscana" two piece from La Perla.

Can't wait for frequent beach trips to the Hamptons this summer ;-) For the lucky ones, extended play-breaks will be available. After all variety is key...I can not parade My perfect German body along the beachfront all day... there must be play breaks.

I hope you also stay balanced My FiFas...and don't forget to use your sunscreen.


Fact #27

My feet are 9.7" long and 4" wide.

Meine Füße sind 25cm lang und 10cm breit.

Mes pieds mesurent 23cm en longueur et 10cm en largeur.

Mi pies son 9.7" de largo y 4" de hancho.

I miei piedi sono lunghi 9cm e larghi 4cm.


Got it Boi!

A very special rubber pet - Nipple Torture. Teutonic German Mistress in Rubber Room; so pleased and happy to have Her white, white boy, with white, white Latex Her Disposal!... New York City Rubber Studio. Never without you.

Ready for Play. Tease, Torment, Torture. He will be sorry he asked. She is fully covered in Latex, head to toe. That puts Her in the mood. Always. All Latex. Draw of Luck, I found this Latex Heaven, so covered in devotion... and LATEX, He is only partially covered. In Latex. Accessorized. White Latex. So pure, so white. But yet so kinky!... All the sensitive parts exposed. The very most sensitive parts... just the right parts. 

Suspended. Latex Restraints. Hands in the Air, ready to receive whatever She is willing to give him. He was willing to give himself, totally willing, totally able. Utterly prepared. The Right place and the Right time... just Right. White and Right.

Those nipples. So sensitive, so raw, arching. He was arching too... and now he is so very much at mercy. To do with as She pleases, to use for Her desire. Her urge, her toy. Game on. 

C.2.0 - this picture represents what could only happen via a connection I made, through you, a long time ago, and for that, I am forever grateful. Happy Birthday


My own Dungeon!

My move to the new studio near Grand Central Terminal is completed :-) I am immensely pleased with the Space and I hope I can resign the lease next year as well. Thank you for your continuing support for My crazy pursuits. 


Dominatrix Meme

Memes are like genes.... The difference is that variations appear horizontal rather than vertical. 

Whereas genes evolve from generation to generations, the movement of memes is much faster spreading from nation to nations, sometimes in just a few hours. 

I really love memes and I hope to make a few of my own. I love memes.


New Latex :-)

One of My very devoted pets got this top for Me from Madame S, right before they discontinued their collection. 

Lucky Me! Tonight, I am going to take new photographs - check the gallery section soon to see if this outfit made it into the selection.

In other news: I found the perfect location for My studio to move into. It is only 4 short blocks from Grand Central Station and the building also has an elevator.


Visiting Mistress!

German Mistress 
Eva Meinhof 

- visiting from London, UK -

March 17th 2011 - April 3rd 2011

In Her own words:
Let My wicked heart guide you on a journey of abandonment. Submerge yourself into another existence or an unknown realm of pleasure. Indulge in an exquisite pain or experience a very personal psychological state. Perhaps you want to remain there or be taken even further...?
I will fill you with love to liberate your soul and release you from sanity.


The Goddess

It is said, that a picture is worth a thousand words. How about a moving image? Here is a video of Leona Stern, purposely recorded in a low-quality format to protect My identity. 

This Video was recorded in the Summer of 2008. 


Without Hesitation

I have to say this bathing suit, by Agent Provocateur, is the hottest piece of swimwear I have ever seen. Most definitely suited for a Goddess like Me. (Stock photo from their site) I would take My own photo by I do not own said swimsuit, yet.


Photorefractive keratectomy

I had PRK (Laser Eye Surgery)this week - it worked great but I am recovering. Looking at a Computer or Phone Screen strains My eyes, therefore I will not be able to answer any email requests until further notice.

Please call me if it is urgent. 


Instructions for Property P. the long distance slave in Another City

- wirtten by Ariel Epstein

My dear little porn star,

Hope that you are well and filming away for Mistress.

here are the instructions on how you will fuck your wife next time. First, you will start off by pleasuring her wet pussy. I want a nice close up of your tongue tickling her clit. Then, upon eating her pussy, you will proceed to finger her. But first, before you insert your fingers inside of her pussy you will make your first hidden symbol. you will make an upside "V" sign to symbolize an "A" for My name Ariel. Then you will proceed and finger her pussy. After you have nice and wet, you will go down and begin to polish her ass with your tongue. As you rim her tight virgin ass, you will make your second signal, an "L" shape with your thumb and index finger... This is to show Mistress Leona Stern your appreciation and true devotion. Once you have fully massaged her tight virgin ass with your tongue, you will proceed by inserting your index finger inside of her tight rear pussy. You will massage the inside her ass until she is loose and prepared for the until pussy plug, your (Mistress Leona), cock inside of her. I want you to get a nice close up of when you first insert your cock inside of her.  When you cum, you are to cum in her mouth. While she has your thick load in her mouth, you will then proceed to make out with her, pushing your cum down her throat so that she is forced to swallow.

I hope that these directions are clear and concise. 

Very much pleased,
MistressAriel, always devoted to the Dunkel Herrin


Nerdy boys throwing up Gang-Signs - Mistress's special Long-Distance Training

My pet Peter PornStar* lives in Chicago and is more of a long-distance slave. He usually comes to New York on business at least every other month. As I am starting to control Peter PornStar completely, his sexuality ought to only be expressed in the ways that I wish. Therefore  his homework assignments mostly revolve around how he is to express his sexuality, including how to have intercourse with his wife. We call her "the lease-holder", as I am the one who truly owns him (and all parts of him), while his wife merely has him on a lease. 
To verify that he is doing as instructed, he video tapes all his intimate acts. Of course this makes for hours of fun sex-tape watching when he arrives in New York. However, as I have been traveling and unable to see My Peter PornStar personally, I send My apprentice Miss Ariel to play with him while I was in London. Together W/we came up with a great new way for him to show his devotion to Mistress: Hidden Hand Signs. 
From the beginning, I envisioned a nerdy little white boy (Peter Pornstar, uhm actually a grown, white collar, WASP) throwing up hand-signs, while trying to remember every detail of the instructions.

Stay tuned to read his instructions

* Obviously this is a Pseudonym


Shopping with Mistress Part 2

When I met her a few years ago, I knew right away she was not a sub. I also knew that I would make her mine anyways. Everything happened so naturally, it was meant to be. Now she is my total plaything. All along she has been dominating men when I allow her to do so. Now I decided that she is ready to physically demonstrate her power: OKASU. Not only strap-on play, no, rape. The violent taking of a man. She has been begging for a while now. Pleading, and bargaining. Anything if I only allowed her to take a man and turn him into a little slut, demonstrating her physical power.  

Since I am very discreet, I am usually not the Mistress for heavy public humiliation scenes. But living in New York City, who can resist taking the slave girl to a sex shop uninhibitedly? Not only did I take her to the toy shop to pick out her personal instruments of pleasure... I took her there walking her down the street in a collar and a exhilarating. One of the most exciting things I have ever done.

During the cab ride I comforted her, "We are going to pick out some toys now, you will keep them on your nightstand until I return from Europe. Every evening before you go to sleep, and every morning when you wake up, you will be reminded of what is going to happen when I get back. I know you have been looking forward to this day for a very long time."

*** Please note that strap-on play (penetration) is considered prostitution within the United States,  I therefore DO NOT offer this service in exchange for money. Prostitution is illegal, and domination is not prostitution.

To Me, this type of play is very intimate and it is not in alignment with My core values to engage in this with a total stranger. Do not ever embarrass yourself by asking Me to engage with you in such an intimate way.