Got it Boi!

A very special rubber pet - Nipple Torture. Teutonic German Mistress in Rubber Room; so pleased and happy to have Her white, white boy, with white, white Latex Her Disposal!... New York City Rubber Studio. Never without you.

Ready for Play. Tease, Torment, Torture. He will be sorry he asked. She is fully covered in Latex, head to toe. That puts Her in the mood. Always. All Latex. Draw of Luck, I found this Latex Heaven, so covered in devotion... and LATEX, He is only partially covered. In Latex. Accessorized. White Latex. So pure, so white. But yet so kinky!... All the sensitive parts exposed. The very most sensitive parts... just the right parts. 

Suspended. Latex Restraints. Hands in the Air, ready to receive whatever She is willing to give him. He was willing to give himself, totally willing, totally able. Utterly prepared. The Right place and the Right time... just Right. White and Right.

Those nipples. So sensitive, so raw, arching. He was arching too... and now he is so very much at mercy. To do with as She pleases, to use for Her desire. Her urge, her toy. Game on. 

C.2.0 - this picture represents what could only happen via a connection I made, through you, a long time ago, and for that, I am forever grateful. Happy Birthday


My own Dungeon!

My move to the new studio near Grand Central Terminal is completed :-) I am immensely pleased with the Space and I hope I can resign the lease next year as well. Thank you for your continuing support for My crazy pursuits. 


Dominatrix Meme

Memes are like genes.... The difference is that variations appear horizontal rather than vertical. 

Whereas genes evolve from generation to generations, the movement of memes is much faster spreading from nation to nations, sometimes in just a few hours. 

I really love memes and I hope to make a few of my own. I love memes.


New Latex :-)

One of My very devoted pets got this top for Me from Madame S, right before they discontinued their collection. 

Lucky Me! Tonight, I am going to take new photographs - check the gallery section soon to see if this outfit made it into the selection.

In other news: I found the perfect location for My studio to move into. It is only 4 short blocks from Grand Central Station and the building also has an elevator.


Visiting Mistress!

German Mistress 
Eva Meinhof 

- visiting from London, UK -

March 17th 2011 - April 3rd 2011

In Her own words:
Let My wicked heart guide you on a journey of abandonment. Submerge yourself into another existence or an unknown realm of pleasure. Indulge in an exquisite pain or experience a very personal psychological state. Perhaps you want to remain there or be taken even further...?
I will fill you with love to liberate your soul and release you from sanity.