New Latex :-)

One of My very devoted pets got this top for Me from Madame S, right before they discontinued their collection. 

Lucky Me! Tonight, I am going to take new photographs - check the gallery section soon to see if this outfit made it into the selection.

In other news: I found the perfect location for My studio to move into. It is only 4 short blocks from Grand Central Station and the building also has an elevator.


  1. Stunning!
    We must go shopping, as soon as possible!!

  2. May I worship you, serve you, devote my life to you Mistress Stern?

  3. A marvelous fit! Definitely a style befitting a Mistress. I just love You in black & red, right down to the sexy shoes and toe nail polish. I admire the length of the outfit, as it shows off Your delicious legs. You are clearly a vision to behold. Thank You for modeling Your new latex. Lucky us!

  4. lucky for all of us! You are too beautiful!

  5. Amazing, you look stunning in everyway


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