New Swimsuit

Since I have been visiting the gym extensively for the past two months, it was time for a new swimsuit... I admit I also enjoy showing off the result with you FiFas, sharing is caring, right? So, here is My new Bikini! After long consideration, I decided to allow My Swiss slave to purchase the "Villa Toscana" two piece from La Perla.

Can't wait for frequent beach trips to the Hamptons this summer ;-) For the lucky ones, extended play-breaks will be available. After all variety is key...I can not parade My perfect German body along the beachfront all day... there must be play breaks.

I hope you also stay balanced My FiFas...and don't forget to use your sunscreen.


  1. Love the La Perla swimsuit, excellent taste as usual. Many thanks for parading Your perfect German body in front of the camera and giving us a delicious glimpse of what we are so undeserving of.

  2. I am at a loss for words.

  3. Woow. that's hot


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