"Maid" to serve - Job Opening

 Urgently wanted: New Vacuum cleaner + properly dressed sissy maid to operate such dusk sucking machine.

Be aware that eventually dust may not be the only thing you are sucking for Me...

 Job Description
  • Perform general cleaning assignments in apartments, hallways and common areas
  • Prepare apartments for session as assigned
  • Participate in annual cleaning schedules
  • Utilize cleaning chemicals properly and safely 
  • Wash, dry, fold, iron laundry
  • Drop off and pick up laundry
  • Some grocery shopping and food preparation  
  • "Handy-Man" tasks 
Janitorial Experience
Maid Service Experience
Floor Cleaning/Waxing Experience
Window Cleaning Experience
Detail Oriented
Friendly and positive attitude
Team Player
Extremely reliable and dependable
Reliable Transportation
Ability to provide and receive constructive feedback
Not afraid to get dirty
Strong need to serve and please Mistress
Must be able to stand for entire scheduled shift
Must be able to lift, bend, twist, reach, stretch, kneel, squat, push, pull, and lift up to 75 lbs.
Should have an advanced degree, M.A., M.S., J.D, MSW, M.D, Ph.D., or similar so I can have proper discourse with you while you are cleaning.

Please send an email to to be considered

subject line must read: "Maid" to serve
email must include ALL of the following:

  • 1 Head-shot, one vanilla full body picture (non-nude), and one picture of yourself dressed as a maid, if you have a proper uniform already.
  • 2 references for Mistresses whom you have served in a domestic setting previously, these women will be contacted if I decide to consider you
  •  where you live, "Midtown" is not enough, you don't have to give Me cross streets but at least a specific neighborhood.
  • your general availability
Do not call about this position, as doing so will immediately disqualify you.  If you are lucky enough to receive a reply, be ready to go through a long screening process that may include several vanilla meetings and phone interviews. 

Also be financially stable as I may want you to purchase a proper sissy uniform of My liking, among other things needed for training you properly. 


  1. I hope I get the job.

  2. I sent in an application. What an honor if chosen..

  3. what about a maid staff? if you had 2, 3 or 4 maids schedules could be made, different maids can do tasks their better suited for and it may help in terms of balance. the free time of the maid to serve. if you had 3 or 4 you might be able to have someone there always...

  4. Really want to do this, but I am in California :(


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