Viva Las Vegas

View from My suite
(This is My **special** Manipulatirx Attire)

 85 Degrees in October!!!!

 Mistress Leona Stern relaxing, enjoying the last few days of sunbathing before the harsh New York City / London Winter. It feels nice to lie at the pool without having to lift a finger all day. The Goddess is taking  advantage of the full Spa program, various entertainment options, and culinary delights. It is wonderful to see that every food establishment at the Wynn has vast options of Vegan cuisine.    
Almost forgot: one more thing I just love taking advantage of : BOYS. Watch out, you may be next. 

Time for a Pedicure ;-)


Thanks  to all My special pets (particularly David - you know which one ;) who made My trip to Las Vegas shopping mayhem. I just love shopping, it is like a religion to Me, just like I, the divinity, shall be your only religion in time.  Good thing I was allowed to take back three pieces of luggage with My first class plane ticket.
Unfortunately (for you) I am completely booked up and unable to accommodate any further meetings requests during this trip.


  1. Lucky Guy (s). I wish I could take you shopping one day miss …

  2. i am sorry that I was not there with You...


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