New Opening!

Position for additional personal bitch to join My New York City stable recently became available!

Humans are creatures of habit, hence this servant must be reliable, trustworthy, prompt, and eager to please the Goddess, in whichever way She desires. Be a quick learner and self-motivated. Must have enough time on your hands to serve when needed.

Duties may include cleaning, running errands, Fußpflege, arranging meals, Internet research, written assignments, chauffeur duty. Not only financial, but spiritual generosity is vital.

Will favor candidate with knowledge of (or willing to independently acquire) German language skills.  


My shedule comes first.

I come first, therefore this is a 1 Month Notice
No new pets, sluts, clients, subs, sissies, toys. 

If W/we have not had the chance to meet, then starting Monday April 9th 2012  you are welcome to contact Me. However do not expect a response until several weeks from now. Certainly don't expect to see Me. Not even for coffee. Nada.  Nothing. I have a life, and life is about to get very busy for Me...for a few weeks. 

Been so overwhelmed with **new** requests, that I find Myself neglecting established pets constantly. There has been way to many instances that even have Me consider re-introducing the "Wall of Shame"- it is silly and immature, but what can I say ;) … Old habits die hard.

Most of you probably need to put your pink panties back on, quit acting like girls, and go back into your place (underneath Me). Those who know their purpose in life, had the honor of kneeling before Me previously, and have proven to be uncomplicated and compliant, are welcome back, with sufficient notice. What is considered "sufficient notice"? Well, that depends on (1) My availability and (2) just just how much fun you were last time, or committed to be this time.

Sorry boys and girls, not that I actually should have to apologize, but I really need to take back control ... and Finals are coming up ;-) School will always be My #1 Priority.