"Guyliner" and other Shenanigans

If you didn't know, I have always had a thing for loved (dorky) little Asian boys. I also just love men in pantyhose, not only leg fashions but also boys in heels, wigs, make-up and especially Guyliner. Guyliner is basically  Eyeliner for Guys. Think Adam Lambert or Brandon Flowers. Maybe try Revlon color stay. Revlon is a make-up brand. CVS. Walgreens. Hello??? Does Mistress need to teach you everything...

BTW when he says "pencil" he means Eyeliner -'Kohl'- Pencil. Do not poke yourself in the eye with an actual pencil! Notice how he keeps saying he is trying to look 'filthy'. - yeah look filthy you slut lol. Nah...really...that guy looks HOT, I also love blonds, especially blonds with Guyliner on ;)


Random Fact #28

I have always had a speech impairment which is mostly in remission because I saw a speech therapist for years. It sometimes comes up in German, English speakers never notice it as it gets drowned out by My accent. My language development was delayed because I was born nearly deaf and needed some surgeries before I could hear. I am glad I've caught up on all of it now, hearing, listening, speaking, and commanding.