Today in London

there is a real sense of expectation in the air, thousands of people are gathering in the streets, and the eyes of the world are turned to this city as it celebrates a major world event.

Yes, the German Goddess has again landed on these shores ;)

Oh and apparently there is the small matter of the Olympic Games as well. For those of you kinky British boys who were unable to secure a place in the official Olympic team, Goddess Leona Stern will gladly put you through your paces in her very own Slave Olympics. Alas, there will be no stadium, no television cameras, just you and me alone in my chambers as I push you to your limits in a series of specially crafted events designed to entertain me and bring a smile to my cruel lips.

I do so enjoy seeing a man desperately pushing himself to earn my approval and so I have come up with some wonderful challenges and torments for all those brave enough to fall at my feet. Will you be able to meet the challenge of the 20 Metre Oink, a special event for my devoted piggies? Or perhaps the 15 Minute Cry, where you try and hold your dignity and fight back your tears as the Goddess mercilessly tears down your male ego? Maybe a more physical challenge will suit you. Tied and restrained, you try your hardest to kiss my feet, placed inches away from your face. When it comes to games and challenges my imagination is limitless, and nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see you strive to obey my every whim. And be assured that the rewards I can provide for the genuinely obedient will light up your entire being more than if you were stood in the Olympic Stadium itself, wearing a gold medal.

So which one of you deliciously perverted British boys is up for the challenge? Don't get your hopes up too high though. As in all sports, German perfection wins every time ;)