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  1. Such Divine Excellence and Quality in such an Exceptional Superior Female must truly come at a price no man could possibly afford; for he must surely part with everything he owns to attain her; perhaps even his soul. While a man still possesses his soul and still values his substance he stands but one slim chance of escaping this Blissful Siren of Temptation. My fortune is my comparative misery at my comparative impecunious situation but also that is till possess my wits.

    Its not that i could not; nor that i would not;
    more that i should not; more that i ought not; more that i sought not; to lose my soul.

    A slave to your beauty.

  2. This picture along with each and every one that has preceeded it, is a potrait of absolute perfection. As your immaculate body knows no meaning of imperfections. A sensuous looking outfit, like everything that adorns your delicious body. I love the contrast of the black offset by your pristine white skin. Forgive the lustful thoughts that enter my mind upon viewing you in such a prone position, as I want you with every fiber of my being, but know in my mind, as much as I need the taste of you on my tongue, the only act I am worthy of is that of serving my Supreme Goddess.


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