Welcome to My Fantasy (A couple of Thoughts)

As usual, I spent My day fantasizing. My personal fantasies usually revolve around Me meeting a pet boy. The type of pet boy whom I could turn into My full-time, totally-controlled, 24/7, live-in, all-devoted, slave. Actually, let Me set clarify something...This pet boy is not a little boy at all. As a matter of fact, the boy should be a very successful, intelligent, and overall outwardly just truly AMAZING individual during the day...but of course My complete bitch at night. Mine. This is where it becomes interesting. Why would I envision some total loser to be in My life in ANY capacity? After all My gene pool is way too divine to be contaminated by anyone who is not just absolutely splendid. 

The same principle applies the chosen ones I allow to serve My celestial being in any manner. In order to give up control, you must have control. If you suck at life, then there is no point in exploring a power exchange. Keep this in mind at all times. you are not worthless, I do not want you to be a loser, I want you to only degrade yourself for Me, and only Me. Within a safe environment, playing the role and eventually becoming My total bitch. I want you to enter a subservient state, where you desire to submit to Me.I never "force" anyone to anything...you will submit to Me only because you choose to do so, because you CAN. 

If you choose to exit My world, you have permission to be a real person again. At first you do not need Me. I don't complete you, and you do not complete Me. W/we must both be functioning,, independent individuals who each have their function and role in society (the world out there). Only if this is the case, can a meaningful Dominant/submissive relationship develop. 

That's it for now, back to selecting just the perfect Sissy Maid Uniform for My future Boy-Toy.


  1. Wise words indeed Superior Mistress! Someone who thinks of themself as worthless, a loser, or who in general just sucks at life, there clearly exists no control to give up. The act of having that control while exploring a power exchange by degrading one self for You in an effort to become Your total bitch would be such an absolutely invigorating and humbling experience. Then to feel a Dominant/submissive relationship start to develop with such an amazing Celestial Being is more than one could ordinarily hope for. I can only imagine one amazing enough to become the father of Your future children, the ultimate honor bestowed upon man. Your judgement should never be questioned, therefore I am sure You will choose wisely, as not to contaminate Your divine gene pool.


  2. Good morning Miss,
    Very interested script and hope I could have been taken into consideration.
    I will come bac soon into your paradise, now i have to stay in mine for a while!
    Thanks again for your wonderful time and looking forward to see you.


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