Upcomming Event

 Friday, November 1st

ParthenonNYC 10th Anniversary Party

“ Keeping NYC Shiny And Tight And Well Disciplined For A Decade!”

Date & Time: in 17 days Friday, November 01, 2013 · 8:00 PM – 4:00 AM  
Parthenon Studios
Building 5 west 30th street, between 5th & Broadway. Bell#2 Parthenon. Elevator to 2nd floor.   @ map
Cost: $40 B4 10PM, $50 after 10PM
Dress code: Dress to impress, Latex, Fetish, Sexy, Leather, Corset PVC, Suits, All Black, NO BLUE JEANS.
In celebration of our temple, The Parthenon, and to celebrate all the lovely goddesses that have, and continue to, walk the halls of this shrine. Mistress Ariana Chevalier is proud to celebrate Parthenon's 10 year anniversary. The list of past and present mistresses joining will be the best of the best all under one roof, for one night only! Attendance will be select and for the few privileged submissives that are allowed to attend, don't miss the event of the year. RSVP early.
Be prepared to mingle with the brightest and most beautiful dominant alpha females in NYC. This is not pay for play party.
Appetizers, Hors d'oeuvre and non- alcoholic beverages will be served, (BYOB). Mixers will also be provided.
We have the right to be selective at the door.
List of Mistresses attending:
Mistress Ariana Chevalier
Mistress Cassandra
Madame Sade
Domina Gael
Domina Nyx Blake
Mistress Mona Rogers
Mistress Alicia
Mistress Alina Decor
Mistress Cybil B Troy
Mistress Pepper
Mistress Elena De Luca
Mistress Blake
Mistress Valentina
Mistress Amanda
Mistress Alana (both Alana)
Mistress Miranda Mayfair
Mistress Victoria Sapphire
Mistress Mal Martine
Mistress Martine Phoenix
Mistress Evelyn
Mistress Eden
Feel free to email me with any questions.
Email - ArianaChevalier@gmail.com



To be clear

It is obvious that I am a Goddess. It should be a great honor for you to be even allowed in My presence. I do not have to grant any of My time... If you are allowed in My chambers, a clear power dynamic will be obvious. you are to be on your knees and disrobed at all times, if Mistress chooses to have you this way. your job is to serve your new Mistress in whichever way She desires. Always. 


you may be humbled, humiliated, tortured, teased, and tormented... The purpose of your presence is solely for My pleasure.

Roaming the hot streets of Summer...

Now that it is September, I gladly enjoy the last few sizzling days in New York. During My wicked explorations this summer I discovered a multitude of fabulous newish fads. Even so you may have never even heard of "Planking, Owling, Teapotting, or Horsemaning; be assured that these are buzzwords of just a few summers ago... Huge Hype, least for some of online communities. They certainly reflect the Zeitgeist  of  O/our fast-paced-ever-changing world. 
Call Me boring, but I'll stick to the good, old, proven "Dominatrix in thigh-high boots, down  the rural streets of suburbs, on a hot summer day...walking".
Holding a gun looking for a victim for an intense kidnapping scene. Fantasizing about abducting a man, depriving him of food, sleep, and release,....just to see how long it would take Me to totally break him down under these extraordinary measures. 
Begging your new Mistress for even the most basic human needs, maybe being completely ignored for days, maybe having severe Humiliation inflicted by the cruel German Goddess and Her accomplice
Who knows...it's not like you actually have a choice.


Keeping up to Date

I usually shy away from discussing politics (or religion, money, and sex) with most people, I do still enjoy reading about current affairs. Keeping up to date with foreign and domestic (German and American) policy issues is one of My most time consuming hobbies.

My subscription to "The Economist" has just been renewed for another year. It pleases Me immensely to open My mail box on Thursdays to find the current issue placed inside by Michael (My mailman;).

It is a particularly joyous day for Me when one of My devotees picks up an issue of "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" (FAZ) - a daily German newspaper that I occasionally read when I happen to come across it. Otherwise a copy of the New York Times never fails to put a smile on My face either.

Some of the magazines I read more infrequently, Grand Central, Penn Station, and other transportation hubs are usually good places for hard to find German issues of Focus or Der Spiegel.

Beyond print publications, I also try to keep up with what is happening by watching the German Tagesshau, Nachtmagazin, and Tagesthemen, in addition to the PBS Newshour as often as possible.




Niki put My pet "bear" into her little panties today and made him do  housework in My pink apron. Doing chores and other sissy type duties only turns him on for one reason. He knows how much I love seeing him like that, he knows his purpose: To Please Me .It was awesome :)


Smoking Fetish

It is strange. I've always had a smoking fetish - even though I don't smoke! There is just something so alluring and sexy about smoking... I am so intrigued by it and I love it so much that I have started smoking several times... But I can never stick with it! Isn't that strange? Did you ever smoke?

Personally, I have concluded that I am just not the Nicotine Type Gal... It does something strange to Me. My body rejects toxins more everyday. Now I use electronic cigarettes without nicotine and I have always loved smoking hookah. They opened a hookah bar on My block a few years ago and I really have to fight not becoming a regular. Actually there is a Cigar Bar too! They must know I live here... lol

As much as I find inhaling cigarette smoke nauseating, already the smell of it makes me sick. However watching a beautiful woman smoke, seeing her inhale those large quantities of thick smoke is just breathtaking - literally. The fact that I really love red, red nails... and seeing someone (especially Myself!) handle things with their (My) hands... Enchanting.


From NYC to NC

Got My favorite seat: 1A
Got My stack of reading material...

All set and checked in to My flight for tomorrow night after work...Can't wait to spend a relaxing week in Charlotte. 

Available for play time 17th and 18th of July only. $50 Application Fee (unless I already know you) required to secure session time.


DomCon LA

Mistress Michelle Lacy and Me at DomConLa
In May I was once again able to attend DomCon in Los Angeles. It is economically not a wise choice for Me. However the awesome people and countless workshops, and great parties make it totally worth a while :) 
Once again I was able to connect with Mistress Michelle Lacy, whom I have seen around a couple of times :) We share the same home dungeon also. Her website is currently being remodeled, but you may find Her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MsMichelleLacy

Hopefully I can book a trip to the smaller East Coast version of DomConLA: DomConAtlanta. [http://www.domconatlanta.com].

  The event is scheduled for October 17th - October 20th 2013.


Upcomming Travel

Charlotte, NC July 17th and July 18th
Tampa, Florida August 17th - August18th
Naples, Florida August 19th + August 20th


you have been warned

Name: Leona Stern

Occupation: Manipulatrix


(1.)Picking up vanilla boys at public places and turning them into My property…

(2.)Luring stray kittens into Her house under a false pretense, and making plans to use them for Her evil purposes. 

Patterns of Deception 

There is no force at play when She takes possession of what is Hers. Psychological warfare and control, trigger training, and neuro-linguistic programing are just a few of the methods She like to employ to change Her subjects pattern of thinking, worth of self, and even your deepest desires. 

Before long, Her wishes are your commands. Doubt and fear vanishes in the shadow of a greater purpose: What can I do to make Her happy? 

Now you understand: you are here to please Leona Stern. That is your primary purpose. 

your weakness for Her beauty allows Her to constantly push your boundaries. Sometimes She loves to assign you with the most ridiculous or humiliating tasks, just to see how far you will go to please Her.


Upcoming Trip: Charlotte, NC

German Mistress Leona Stern will be visiting

 Charlotte, North Carolina July 17th and 18th

(Wednesday and Thursday)

Not in town for a long time, just a good time.

Make plans to see Manhattan's finest Dominatrix now! 

My email address [stern.leona@gmail.com]

Bondage Predicaments - Forced Intoxication - Verbal Humiliation - Physical Degradation - CBT - NT - SPH - Slapping and Spitting - Foot Worship - Trampling - Goddess Worship - Electricals

-Novice Welcome-

Only exceptional individuals who are submissive, professional, and discreet shall apply.


San Francisco June 1st - June 6th.

Meet Manhattan's finest Dominatrix in San Francisco 

On this trip German Mistress Leona Stern will be joined by Her Japanese Deviant, Niki. My pet is particularly interested in  watching, and participating in:
  • Humiliation and other aspects related to emasculating men
including, but not limited to:
  1. Verbal Degradation   
  2. Physical Humiliation
  3. Teasing Torment 
  4. Rejecting Training
  5. Prolonged Denial Scenes
  7. NMCF (Naked male clothed female)
  8. Spitting, Slapping, Hair-pulling
  9. SCH / SPH 
  10. The Arts of Shibari and Okasu
  11. Financial Rapery 
  12. Taboo Role-Play (Incest, Religious Mockery, Crucifixion scenes, ethical and race play, etc…)

She is looking forward to witnessing transformation, She can not way to see the flocking of powerful men to Us beautiful strong women. Become My bitch, My wish is your command. Needless to say, I find it hilarious that My pet will boss, slap, order, and push you around…

Do you  have a weakness for beautiful women... As a female supremacist I like to exploit this biological shortcoming of the the male species.  This is why I recruited her to assist Me in My mission. Japanese pet  and I will be in coming back to SanFran soon. Love the idea of My subbie girl pushing you around - how humiliating for a grown man to be turned into a little bitch by two bossy "girls"! I use the term "girls" loosely, as W/we are both  in O/our 30s…;) The only true "girl" at the party may be you. Beg Mistress(es) to allow you to come slip on a pair of pink silky panties and join U/us for some proper training.


Floriday Bitch

Looking for personal bitch for Me and My girlfriends. Driver, chauffeur, airport pick up, maid, massage boy, shopping bag carrying piggies,  general concierge, cook, errand boy, pool boy for refreshments, party date (bull + slaves on leash). Serve Me and My Girlfriends. Wednesday May 22nd- Wednesday, May 29th, paid and unpaid positions available.When applying for paid position you shall state your budget for such financial rapery. Apply within.


German summons Japanese

WW2 Allies: Germany and Japan

Of properties and Allies 

To break them down, is to build them up. There may be a plan, but sometimes there isn't. Critiquing others is a way some people try to make themselves feel better about themselves. This is because if you point out someone else's flaws, you don't have to look at your own. Also, relative to the one you have negatively judged and put down, you are now in some way "superior" to them.

Power Exchange; exchanging power and energy, chemistry and control. I love being in control, My purpose is to be worshiped, as a Goddess. I like to reign over My little piggies… teasing and tormenting them whenever and however possible. I like to do things just because I can. 
Approach Me prepared to surrender. I want to take control. If you do not have control over your life, your love, your finances… if you do not have control…. you can not give up control. you can't give Me something you don't have. 


Leona Stern - Random Fact # 29

I love Ice-Cream!!! 
(especially the cookie dough type =)
  •  with Sprinkles
  • Chocolate Syrup
  • Strawberry Icing
  • Almond Slices
  • Crushed Walnuts
More about Me on My NF Profile: German Mistress Leona Stern
Available for online and long distance training


Tu B'Shevat

Very excited about My upcoming Tu B'Shevat party, Friday January 25th. A couple of My good Vanilla friends (some non-Vanilla), others Jewish, and few not at all frum will be attending this evening soiree. Still looking for a few more decent bottles of Kosher Wine, preferably Red dry and semi-dry. Please arrange gift drop-off before or during party.

Thank you in to all admirers that are committed to ensuring that I, the Goddess, is able to enjoy the lifestyle to which I have become accustomed. Especially I love the very large box of fruit from that fancy Jew store. Nicely served.