German summons Japanese

WW2 Allies: Germany and Japan

Of properties and Allies 

To break them down, is to build them up. There may be a plan, but sometimes there isn't. Critiquing others is a way some people try to make themselves feel better about themselves. This is because if you point out someone else's flaws, you don't have to look at your own. Also, relative to the one you have negatively judged and put down, you are now in some way "superior" to them.

Power Exchange; exchanging power and energy, chemistry and control. I love being in control, My purpose is to be worshiped, as a Goddess. I like to reign over My little piggies… teasing and tormenting them whenever and however possible. I like to do things just because I can. 
Approach Me prepared to surrender. I want to take control. If you do not have control over your life, your love, your finances… if you do not have control…. you can not give up control. you can't give Me something you don't have.