Upcoming Trip: Charlotte, NC

German Mistress Leona Stern will be visiting

 Charlotte, North Carolina July 17th and 18th

(Wednesday and Thursday)

Not in town for a long time, just a good time.

Make plans to see Manhattan's finest Dominatrix now! 

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Bondage Predicaments - Forced Intoxication - Verbal Humiliation - Physical Degradation - CBT - NT - SPH - Slapping and Spitting - Foot Worship - Trampling - Goddess Worship - Electricals

-Novice Welcome-

Only exceptional individuals who are submissive, professional, and discreet shall apply.


San Francisco June 1st - June 6th.

Meet Manhattan's finest Dominatrix in San Francisco 

On this trip German Mistress Leona Stern will be joined by Her Japanese Deviant, Niki. My pet is particularly interested in  watching, and participating in:
  • Humiliation and other aspects related to emasculating men
including, but not limited to:
  1. Verbal Degradation   
  2. Physical Humiliation
  3. Teasing Torment 
  4. Rejecting Training
  5. Prolonged Denial Scenes
  7. NMCF (Naked male clothed female)
  8. Spitting, Slapping, Hair-pulling
  9. SCH / SPH 
  10. The Arts of Shibari and Okasu
  11. Financial Rapery 
  12. Taboo Role-Play (Incest, Religious Mockery, Crucifixion scenes, ethical and race play, etc…)

She is looking forward to witnessing transformation, She can not way to see the flocking of powerful men to Us beautiful strong women. Become My bitch, My wish is your command. Needless to say, I find it hilarious that My pet will boss, slap, order, and push you around…

Do you  have a weakness for beautiful women... As a female supremacist I like to exploit this biological shortcoming of the the male species.  This is why I recruited her to assist Me in My mission. Japanese pet  and I will be in coming back to SanFran soon. Love the idea of My subbie girl pushing you around - how humiliating for a grown man to be turned into a little bitch by two bossy "girls"! I use the term "girls" loosely, as W/we are both  in O/our 30s…;) The only true "girl" at the party may be you. Beg Mistress(es) to allow you to come slip on a pair of pink silky panties and join U/us for some proper training.


Floriday Bitch

Looking for personal bitch for Me and My girlfriends. Driver, chauffeur, airport pick up, maid, massage boy, shopping bag carrying piggies,  general concierge, cook, errand boy, pool boy for refreshments, party date (bull + slaves on leash). Serve Me and My Girlfriends. Wednesday May 22nd- Wednesday, May 29th, paid and unpaid positions available.When applying for paid position you shall state your budget for such financial rapery. Apply within.