Smoking Fetish

It is strange. I've always had a smoking fetish - even though I don't smoke! There is just something so alluring and sexy about smoking... I am so intrigued by it and I love it so much that I have started smoking several times... But I can never stick with it! Isn't that strange? Did you ever smoke?

Personally, I have concluded that I am just not the Nicotine Type Gal... It does something strange to Me. My body rejects toxins more everyday. Now I use electronic cigarettes without nicotine and I have always loved smoking hookah. They opened a hookah bar on My block a few years ago and I really have to fight not becoming a regular. Actually there is a Cigar Bar too! They must know I live here... lol

As much as I find inhaling cigarette smoke nauseating, already the smell of it makes me sick. However watching a beautiful woman smoke, seeing her inhale those large quantities of thick smoke is just breathtaking - literally. The fact that I really love red, red nails... and seeing someone (especially Myself!) handle things with their (My) hands... Enchanting.

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