Roaming the hot streets of Summer...

Now that it is September, I gladly enjoy the last few sizzling days in New York. During My wicked explorations this summer I discovered a multitude of fabulous newish fads. Even so you may have never even heard of "Planking, Owling, Teapotting, or Horsemaning; be assured that these are buzzwords of just a few summers ago... Huge Hype, least for some of online communities. They certainly reflect the Zeitgeist  of  O/our fast-paced-ever-changing world. 
Call Me boring, but I'll stick to the good, old, proven "Dominatrix in thigh-high boots, down  the rural streets of suburbs, on a hot summer day...walking".
Holding a gun looking for a victim for an intense kidnapping scene. Fantasizing about abducting a man, depriving him of food, sleep, and release,....just to see how long it would take Me to totally break him down under these extraordinary measures. 
Begging your new Mistress for even the most basic human needs, maybe being completely ignored for days, maybe having severe Humiliation inflicted by the cruel German Goddess and Her accomplice
Who's not like you actually have a choice.


Keeping up to Date

I usually shy away from discussing politics (or religion, money, and sex) with most people, I do still enjoy reading about current affairs. Keeping up to date with foreign and domestic (German and American) policy issues is one of My most time consuming hobbies.

My subscription to "The Economist" has just been renewed for another year. It pleases Me immensely to open My mail box on Thursdays to find the current issue placed inside by Michael (My mailman;).

It is a particularly joyous day for Me when one of My devotees picks up an issue of "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" (FAZ) - a daily German newspaper that I occasionally read when I happen to come across it. Otherwise a copy of the New York Times never fails to put a smile on My face either.

Some of the magazines I read more infrequently, Grand Central, Penn Station, and other transportation hubs are usually good places for hard to find German issues of Focus or Der Spiegel.

Beyond print publications, I also try to keep up with what is happening by watching the German Tagesshau, Nachtmagazin, and Tagesthemen, in addition to the PBS Newshour as often as possible.