O_O Growth Spurt O_O


My Google+ Profile has been seeing a lot of Action this year, and I wonder why. I tend to stay away from putting My self-worth into numbers. It is like trying to quantify feelings or emotions.
Not possible.
Social Media numbers may be a valid measure for personal progress, yet that method is flawed. Focusing only on 'engagements' and other figures  we ultimately fail to see the true complexity and depth of our experiences.
Never the Less...seeing that number creep up to 1 Million just puts a little smirk on My face. There is just something about that figure: 1,000.000 It truly is special to Me. One Million kisses to all My FiFas. 💋



now until X-MAS. If you like to help facilitate My upmost comfort while I am in town you can email Me stern.leona@gmail.com


German Unity Day


October 3rd 2015 marks the 25th year of a United Germany. Still there is major differences between East and West Germany...in kink too I assume ;) Time to launch an empirical inquiry...If you would like to sponsor such study contact Me (I will design and implement said research).



Gagged, with your hands tied behind the chair to which you are bound....

...you stare at Me, I am stripping off My soaked running suit. you hear the sound of the shower,  the room is filling up hot steam.you can't recall if you have ever being this excited.As you entered My flat, I immediately went for your tie. Pulling it firmly, and then loosening it skillfully, while I told you to 'get comfortable'. I ordered you to remove your shoes first, then the suit, your shirt, and eventually even your glasses. 

Now nothing matters, you have left your world and entered Mine. Here you are allowed to strip off everything, not only physically, but emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Everything. Leave it with Me. You are safe. .All your inhibitions and worries are slowly replaced by fantasies...the need to submit grows. You can't think of anything other than to serve the perfect goddess standing in front of you.  Dropping to your knees you are assuming a position which feels much more natural. 

After placing a collar around your neck, I attach your tie, with which I lead you to a chair. Without saying a word, just slightly pulling on your leash I point to the chair. Content to have found the female authority you have long yearned for, you comply docilely.

Minutes later you are inescapably tight to the simple wooden chair. The comfortable desk chair which you usually inhabit has long been forgotten.. It not longer matters anyways. Who you are, and what you did an hour ago no longer matters.you are Mine now,  here to serve and please Me.

I am here to take total control.

Mistress Leona Stern


Getting married...

...just need the right man....uhm...slave...
It's been a long time reoccurring fantasy of Mine that one day if I ever get married, instead of exchanging rings at the altar, I put a collar and a leash around My now husband's neck. Then I bend down to lock his cock in chastity, making that little male clitty symbolically, and truly mine. Done Deal.

As part of the ceremony he presents Me with 3 Keys:
1. for his car
2. for his home
3. for his chastity 

Finally he hands Me 
his checkbook 
his Credit Cards. 
Real Control.
Now He is Mine.
Truly Mine. 



Meet My Fetish Film Star Alter Ego
Many of you enjoy CBT, which stands for 'cock and ball torture'. Maybe you love watching those heavy ball busting clips on the internet, *nudge* *nudge* but know you could never be man enough to take that kind of beat down.

Still, you fantasize about it...I know you do. you think about how sexy it would be to see an attractive woman like German Mistress destroy a man's testicles. Well, here is your chance! I've actually been invited to film some videos with My European friend Mistress Renee Trevi and I will be uploading them to My Video Section as they become available. 

Filming in New York City, I find I meet some of the Hottest Dommes, and without sounding too shallow, let's be honest about something here; looks are very important...I know I can make you do things they never thought they would...make you suffer for Me, sacrifice for Me and forget your former sense and become My total property as I take Ownership of you.

I am a Seductress, a Temptress, a Humiliatrix and Manipulator.
I don't play that role, it is just who I naturally am.


Becoming a personal chauffeur

New York City's Premier Lifestyle Mistress: Leona Stern

Becoming  a personal chauffeur

- words of advise by former personal chauffeur 

For those of you who have no idea how to be an efficient well mannered and observant chauffeur, please take heed in what i'm about to key in.

As a personal chauffeur it is the slaves responsibility to ALWAYS be on time.  No questions asked.  Period.  Tardiness is an absolute no no.

The slave should always be humble in his/her approach towards being the best possible chauffeur.  Attention to detail is essential.

The Domme usually sits in the back seat to maximize the space which they may need for comfort.  But obviously if the Domme chooses to sit somewhere else, one must oblige.

The reason the Domme sits in the backseat passenger side of the car is so the Domme can have access to the slave without the Domme's view being obstructed.

The slave usually isn't allowed the honor of seeing the Domme while driving. They are only allowed to hear Her voice unless told to do otherwise.  i.e. being able to slap the slave when the Domme feels it's warranted or just because they have the urge and/or spit on the slave or use the slave's mouth as a human ashtray while the car is in an idle position.

The space and comfort also allows the Domme to kick Her feet up in an extended position near the slave as a form of tease and denial and not only for comfort.  

The Domme usually has a magazine, newspaper, or book of preference in the back area along with a drink of preference.

The slave always opens the door for Domme.  The Domme never enters or exits the car without the slave opening the door for the Domme.

If the Domme is accompanied with a fellow Domme or friend, the slave is to open the Domme's door first and proceed to open the other's door.

When it is raining the slave should make sure the Domme doesn't get wet and should wait for the Domme with an umbrella open at the Domme's building door holding the umbrella over the Domme's head while walking slightly behind the Domme towards the car.  Same goes upon exiting and arriving at the Domme's destination.

If the Domme has personal belongings with Her, it is the slave's responsibility to grab the bags immediately and proceed with the above mentioned protocol.  The slave will then place the bags on the backseat drivers side so the Domme has access to Her personal belongings.

The slave should also make sure the Domme has access to cigarettes if She smokes, matches/lighter, gum or mints as well as wipes, hand lotion and purel.

Remember, this is simply a guideline and a slave's personal opinion from years of experience in providing such a service.  At the end of the day other variables may come into play, the Domme may not want Her personal chauffeur to go about attending to Her in this manner and/or circumstances may dictate a different form of service.


One of My favourite times of the year

San Francisco June 5th - June 9th 

The thought of spending a couple of days playing in San Francisco, leaves Me immensely pleased. Last year everything was perfect! Driver reliably picked Me and My pet up from airport and W/we had some interesting conversations over delicious lunch

My Hotel Suite was so amazing that I booked the same room for this years San Franciso trip! 

During this trip I am staying in Lower Pacific Heights in San Francisco. Appropriate for a Goddess, I've rented the largest space available in the small boutique Hotel. 

Mistress will travel with an additional suitcase filled with fun toys, including several wardrobe options. No traveling light this time!
Individuals who are able to adhere to simple protocols should apply for face to face time with Me. 

Discretion is nonnegotiable,
 reference and deposit may be required. 

Looking forward to exploring… 


Men in heels!

Mistress loves putting those big manly feet into stilettos. Today I purchased 3 new pairs for all those boys that love to wear sexy heels for Me. All sizes are Womens US, as I am a big believer that good girls should know their appropriate female shoe size.

Sleek black stilettos

Size 14 

6.5" heel, 2" Platform

Classic Marry-Janes

Size 15

4" heel 

Light Pink Sandal

Size 16

6" Heel, 1.5" Platform


"Sorry You are enjoying Yourself" and other minor pet peeves

If you are a submissive that has been following the German Mistress's blog for a while, you have probably noticed that I just love traveling to Florida during the (Northern Hemisphere) winters…
Thanks to My loyal Benefactor, I am once again escaping the cold N.Y.C weather this week. 

It really really makes Me laugh when I come across a self centered one, the type expecting a last minute meeting. If this selfish type says or writes something like "too bad that you are in Florida", or "I am sorry to hear that", or "that sucks"….No, actually it doesn't suck at all! (sucks for you!), however for Me…pretty awesome =D and I am all that should matter.

 It is gorgeous down here! I am having a great time, delicious dinners, and soaking up tons of sun. Today I spend over one hour swimming laps in the (unnecessarily) heated pool.    

Another thing that never fails to exasperate the German Goddess is when someone writes Me an email (or worse calls Me), claiming to have been a "long-time admirer", yet asks to  meet "tonight", "tomorrow", or "this weekend". 

Instant Gratification much?

I totally understand that you finally work up your courage to contact Me…and now you want to turn your fantasy into reality ASAP…maybe you are afraid that if you don't see Me now, you will chicken out again.

That is your problem not Mine! This behavior defeats the purpose of Me being in charge and the submissive pleasing the Mistress, and not the other way around.



White panties & Ruby Showers

I assure you there must be an unwritten law, it's a very powerful law, not to overstate this, but it may be almost as inflexible as the law of gravity. This unwritten law seems to dictate that every time a certain someone, let's call her Leona S., no, too obvious, L. Stern, so every time Mme Stern puts on a nice crisp pair of white underwear she is about to start menstruating. Do not kid yourself, it does not appear to make a difference if the undergarments are silk, cotton or satin, Auntie Ruby does not even shy away from ruining a perfectly fine pair of La Perla or Agent Provocateur unmentionables.

Now, even so all Ruby showers are nothing short of titillating, my favorite human tampon disposals are the mega-Jewish boys. Why? Well, if you know anything about Judaism, you know that observing men can not even touch their wive during "Niddah". Married couples sleep in separate beds, wives who are usually responsible for pouring their husbands dink, won't do so during this time of "ritual impurity".

It makes it all just so much more naughty, and if you know anything about me, you know the more naughty and edgy a subject is....the more it turns me on. A lot of my fantasies are centered on mental domination, mind control and psychological mind fucks. Pardon my French, I will go and soap my mouth now.


Make Me feel like the Queen {that I am}

 V-Day Countdown

I want thank everyone who thought of Me during the holidays. 2014 Christmas was the most spectacular yet!

It is great to see that My real FiFas are loyal and committed to making My life easier, more luxurious, and most importantly increasingly F*U*N =D.  

When sending the gift, Make sure to include your email or phone number and your name in the "GIFT NOTE", and I may reach out to you to thank you personally.