White panties & Ruby Showers

I assure you there must be an unwritten law, it's a very powerful law, not to overstate this, but it may be almost as inflexible as the law of gravity. This unwritten law seems to dictate that every time a certain someone, let's call her Leona S., no, too obvious, L. Stern, so every time Mme Stern puts on a nice crisp pair of white underwear she is about to start menstruating. Do not kid yourself, it does not appear to make a difference if the undergarments are silk, cotton or satin, Auntie Ruby does not even shy away from ruining a perfectly fine pair of La Perla or Agent Provocateur unmentionables.

Now, even so all Ruby showers are nothing short of titillating, my favorite human tampon disposals are the mega-Jewish boys. Why? Well, if you know anything about Judaism, you know that observing men can not even touch their wive during "Niddah". Married couples sleep in separate beds, wives who are usually responsible for pouring their husbands dink, won't do so during this time of "ritual impurity".

It makes it all just so much more naughty, and if you know anything about me, you know the more naughty and edgy a subject is....the more it turns me on. A lot of my fantasies are centered on mental domination, mind control and psychological mind fucks. Pardon my French, I will go and soap my mouth now.


Make Me feel like the Queen {that I am}

 V-Day Countdown

I want thank everyone who thought of Me during the holidays. 2014 Christmas was the most spectacular yet!

It is great to see that My real FiFas are loyal and committed to making My life easier, more luxurious, and most importantly increasingly F*U*N =D.  

When sending the gift, Make sure to include your email or phone number and your name in the "GIFT NOTE", and I may reach out to you to thank you personally.