Gagged, with your hands tied behind the chair to which you are bound.... stare at Me, I am stripping off My soaked running suit. you hear the sound of the shower,  the room is filling up hot can't recall if you have ever being this excited.As you entered My flat, I immediately went for your tie. Pulling it firmly, and then loosening it skillfully, while I told you to 'get comfortable'. I ordered you to remove your shoes first, then the suit, your shirt, and eventually even your glasses. 

Now nothing matters, you have left your world and entered Mine. Here you are allowed to strip off everything, not only physically, but emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Everything. Leave it with Me. You are safe. .All your inhibitions and worries are slowly replaced by fantasies...the need to submit grows. You can't think of anything other than to serve the perfect goddess standing in front of you.  Dropping to your knees you are assuming a position which feels much more natural. 

After placing a collar around your neck, I attach your tie, with which I lead you to a chair. Without saying a word, just slightly pulling on your leash I point to the chair. Content to have found the female authority you have long yearned for, you comply docilely.

Minutes later you are inescapably tight to the simple wooden chair. The comfortable desk chair which you usually inhabit has long been forgotten.. It not longer matters anyways. Who you are, and what you did an hour ago no longer are Mine now,  here to serve and please Me.

I am here to take total control.

Mistress Leona Stern