O_O Growth Spurt O_O


My Google+ Profile has been seeing a lot of Action this year, and I wonder why. I tend to stay away from putting My self-worth into numbers. It is like trying to quantify feelings or emotions.
Not possible.
Social Media numbers may be a valid measure for personal progress, yet that method is flawed. Focusing only on 'engagements' and other figures  we ultimately fail to see the true complexity and depth of our experiences.
Never the Less...seeing that number creep up to 1 Million just puts a little smirk on My face. There is just something about that figure: 1,000.000 It truly is special to Me. One Million kisses to all My FiFas. 💋



now until X-MAS. If you like to help facilitate My upmost comfort while I am in town you can email Me stern.leona@gmail.com