Impromptu Pleasure

Oh how I have neglected My little online pets, plans change so quickly, it never ceases to amaze Me. Less than 48 Hours ago I was setting up My computer to finally write up a new post.  Then I encountered an interruption. Not once, but twice did I have to change My schedule in a major way. They were welcome changes as I love an unplanned, super productive meeting, of the (kinky) mind  variety ;)
Initially I had planned to get Brunch with My neighbor Saturday. She had to cancel last minute. With a little extra time on My hands I decided to get into an extra intense period of meditation. Just as I came out of this state of Bliss, My Saturday night date called, asking to come over earlier. I was open to switching things around a bit. The things on My to-do list could surely be tackled after we spend an hour or two together. 

Certainly very productive weekend after all, yet in a very unexpected manner. The spontaneous plan of bringing Me coffee and Bagels on a Saturday morning turned into a 10 Hour Session, ending in  a beautiful Saturday Night get together with friends. Spending that much time together requires strong chemistry and a deep connection. Mutual energy allowed for serious explorations, much progress, and most importantly some major breakthroughs, on both sides. 
As wonderful as yesterday panned out, I made a surprise stop at the Parthenon Studio today. A long time favorite slut called me in the morning hours and convinced Me to make a trip to Herald Square with short notice. Traveling in Manhattan can be hit or miss on Sundays. The weather certainly turned out to be a bit on the miss site, the play time however...pure amazingness. 
Needless to say, I don't like to whip and tell (too much), but I finally got to play with a Venus 2000 milking machine again. It must have been years! Neat reintroduction, great weekend...good January trip. More than I could have ever wished for or expected. To - Do list still standing strong, guess I better get a reliable errand staff.