Coffees and Pedicure

 Perfect illustration of how you should follow up to a preliminary meeting. This was My second time meeting someone new last week. I had shied away from meeting new people for the past few years and would only occasionally agree considering a new member to My stable. 

As I am expanding and making positive changes in My life, I like to select the *right* boys for the job of keeping Me entertained, happy, and pleased. 

The first time meeting someone new for coffee was suppose to take place at 3PM on Thursday. Poor communication (from both ends), mix up of location, and Me getting stuck in a conversation with a total stranger delayed U/us severely. 

However, once W/we did have O/our face to face time, I was more than delighted to get along and receive the Juicy Couture Perfume I requested from My new FiFa. W/we met again for Boozy Brunch over the weekend. 


Breakfast (and Lunch!) Servant

It's about time I take better care of Myself. There has been a really positive shift over the last couple of month as I am purging and lettings things go. With the changing of the environment comes a mental clarity and a desire for some internal cleansing. Of course I am always in the mood for BACON =D Also

Seriously, I've been trying to take much better care of Myself recently, after starting to pick up a small work out routine, I also try to stay away from Drama and generally anything and everything that doesn't make Me happy or feel good or simply doesn't serve Me.

This morning a nice boy I've talked to for several years called Me to catch up and I decided to allow him to serve Me by paying for some of  My food today. We both win, My tummy is happy with some 'real' food and he got to hear My hypnotic voice for a whole 12 Minutes ;)

I am  also suppose to meet a boy at 3 for Coffee. We've been exchanging nearly 30 emails in nearly a month and he has send Me $50 gift Card on Amazon as a sign of appreciation for My time. 

I usually make them work a little harder..but I am feeling generous lately and I am ready to meet someone 'real'.