Story Time: My Personal Slave

When I was a sophomore in college I met a prospect for dinner, I had communicated with him for an extended period of time over several online pathways. He showed up bearing a beautiful under waist corset in shiny red PVC and a Hello Kitty Backpack. I had told him to wrap the gift in Hello Kitty Gift Wrap and he couldn't find any. That was one of the cutest ideas ever. I loved that thing.

He ended up becoming a permanent and very important part of My stable from 2008 to 2013. We even went to DomCon together. He decided to deny his true nature and marry a vanilla woman in 2013, I respected his decision and we haven't' spoken since.

Many of My Benefactors live a "normal" vanilla life...Seeing Me is an occasional, but necessary outlet to deal with stress, just like a meditation or Yoga session would be. My personal subs on the other hand are usually single and available to commit to a more serious and permanent slave role in My life.

Chauffeurs are always of special interest as I travel a lot and need rides frequently. Especially during the summer I also like visiting My friends' weekend homes and prefer the flexibility of driving out there at random hours (like 2AM on a Friday after dinner and a little dancing to beat Hampton traffic...). My life is a little wild, but just a little (: