Social Media

It has been a while since I found Myself very active on any social Media Platform. Not just the "Dominatrix Stuff", the "Vanilla Stuff" too. I took a break for various reasons. A Time Out. Not only did I completely downsize My wardrobe, My toys, My place and My travel, but I also downsized My online presence (Domme and personal). 
Back to Basics. 
Bare Boned. 

This change was good, very good.
After this necessary overhaul of My life I am able to approach the Fetish Scene with fresh eyes. Last night I found Myself at the first fetish party in nearly, or maybe over, two years! The verdict: Everything has changed and nothing has changed...
Last Night.
Boys and Girls. 
The Parthenon.
Oh what fun...
New and Old. 
Hot, steamy experiences as well as great conversations with all types of kinksters. But one thing stood out, the frequent request to connect on an online social networking site. I know I have an account. I may have a username, a password. 
I want to connect. 
Be present.
Be part of. 
to and with
My people 


Looks like some investigation is in order.