Way Productive

I just realized I took 720 Pictures in Miami last week! Wow. Yeah...Mistress knows, it is quality, not quantity. Let Me assure you, there was plenty of play time...and I definitely "half assed" the photo shoot portion of the trip. A trip like that...such an amazing location would usually yield 2-3000!
Let Me assure you that I had another whole big suitcase stored in the boot of My car (that's the trunk My Americans). The 32kg kind...very biggest suitcase size you can get. Filled with costumes and outfits for pictures. It would have been easy enough for Me to retrieve it at any moment. 

The convenience of extra sets of clothe is why I brought it. However, you must know that I was in Miami to vacation, not to work. As a matter of fact anywhere I go is to indulge in relaxation not 'have to" and "must accomplish".
The important items got checked from the To-Do List: Spa Time, Pool Time, Steak Dinner (x2), massages from My slave, foot worship, play time, Fitness, Bath Time, Reading, and lost of extra  naughty things. (I usually don't whip and tell, unless asked to do so)
There is some hotness in color coming up for My long distance admirers...just not too much of the good stuff. Why? Simply because My needs and wants are more important than yours, that's why.