Humiliation - here comes a long list

If you are a regular around here then you already know that I have a real affinity for Humiliation. I just love cutting a boy's comb, especially if he has misbehaved in some type of imaginary way, ie Roleplay. There are many ways to abase a male specimen. Tonight I find Myself in one of those moods, fantasizing away, with no outlet. So I am trying something a little different, a little more unstructured. If you have been dying to get to know Me better...then here is your chance! 

My unedited - unfiltered - rigorously honest, SELF.

Without further ado, first I distinguish between 4 categories. 
They are not necessarily mutually exclusive. 

  1. Verbal Humiliation
  2. Physical Humiliation
  3. Racial Humiliation Fantasy
  4. Severe Humiliation  

To Me any form of Humiliation is highly Erotic in Nature. Sexual forms of degradation can take many shapes and forms. Here are some examples of the games I like to play, in no particular order:

  • Verbal Tear down, Drill Instructor Play. I love Military anything.  Breaking the Subject down to build him/ her back up. See Also: Sorority Pledging Line
  •  Religious Figure laughing at or highly critiquing Congregation Member's pathetic, UN-orthodox,  deranged confession. 
  • Promising to help him/her to become a better Christian / Jew / Muslim / Flying Spaghetti Monster Worshiper. Predicament Awaits.
  • Mommy / Aunt / Baby Sitter scolding teenage boy and them showing him ways to 'make up for it' - Domestic Scenarios
  • Slapping
  • Hair Pulling
  • Spitting
  • Spitting
  • Spitting
  • Spitting in Mouth
  • Spitting on Floor and making slave lick it off floor / boot / foot
  • incorporating Spitting
  • Spitting in subjects drink
  • Spitting in Subjects drink while he is using the bathroom at a bar and when he gets back, sits down, telling him as he takes another sip (only upon request - duh)
  • Spitting
  • Did I mention Spitting?
  • Taking Sip and spitting liquid into boy's mouth
  • Taking Sip and spitting liquid on boys body / particular humiliating if face
  • I LOVE grabbing men by the face, like just covering their silly little visage with My entire hand and pushing them around like that (gently and carefully of course)
  •  Grabbing a man/boy by the back of head/hair and 'shoving' his face into My cleavage while verbally scolding him in some way. "What are you gonna cry, do you miss your mommy, are you still being breast fed poor baby - your not a real man" OR "you will never ever have this, THIS is for real men only! A little motor boating action is potentially the closest you could ever even dream of getting to Me in a sexual way - EVER"  - still not a real man ;)
  •  Making him / her sniff My (dirty) armpit. Hairy Armpit. General Armpit. Imagine having your face covered by an Armpit, people consider that dirty - can be so degrading. 
  • How about having someone sit on your face with their beautiful round behind. Maybe a little fart slips out into your face. Oops.
  • Nurse feels you up inappropriately - oh it's so small!!!
  • General Small Penis Humiliation. I could write a book on this. Use your imagination. (Comments accepted below * this below should be easy to find ... it actually exists ) 
  • School stuff: Standing in Corner, Douche Head (I obviously  don't know how to spell that, bring your own). 
  • Bad Report Card - you get spanked - by someone, anyone, everyone, even Mom's lady friend...wait....what?!
  • Not passing college course you need to graduate? Your professor will adjust your grade if you debase yourself in the most humiliating way. 
  • Maybe now you are wearing the professors panties, used panties, to class everyday, and you better do as She says because She is going to do random checks! So now this lady basically has access to your junk, unrestricted access..because you need this grade. You would not want to disappoint your parents, now would you?
  • Do you know what comeuppance means, because you are in for some.
  •  How about being tied up Spread Eagle and totally exposed. Especially your most sensitive parts. Totally. Exposed. 
  • Girlfriend has been cheating on you...with a BBC.
  • GF wants to make  it up and you take Her lingerie shopping for a 'special make up session'. However it turns out you will be wearing the lingerie, cause you are a sissy bitch. 
  • Now you have to serve both of them.
  • Now you are craving BBC.
  • Girlfriend, Boss, Someone, Anyone makes you wear Chasity (def. book full of humiliation opportunities and Games available on this one) 
  • you are made to serve as a maid
  • additional women stop at the apartment while you are serving as a maid
  •  Mistress asks you to show off your Chasity devise to said women or others, hey delivery guy, Check this out! hahaha
  •  you have to go to cooking school
  •  you have to go to cosmetology school (long standing fantasy of Mine with a live in slave)
  • Race Play Fantasy with you as Indian boy, dork. 
  • Race Play Fantasy with you as black boi.
  • Why do you only speak Spanish - Race Play Fantasies
  • Forbidden Ethical Fantasies. (more about this sensitive topic later)
  • (if you are an immigrant) Making fun of your accent, even though I have an accent, makes no sense, I know, this is why it's funny. 
  • Golden Opportunity as Weather Report says showers!!! Also makes no sense? Cry Me a River...more water, uhm, you shall call Me Leona "Waterfall" Stern from now on. 
  • Also: Spitting, in case I did not yet mention. 
  • You are crowned prom queen ... but wait what is this, you are not 'actually' a girl?
  • Maybe you are not that passable so you just sneak into the girls dresser room because you don't have a sister and you are scared of your mom (sissy!) but you get caught, of course, laughter...finger pointing, more humiliation.
  • Subtle public humiliation (I could write a book on this also) 

I could go on for three more hours, but it is time for Me to eat. This was a 'flow of consciousness' type Essay, minimal editing. 
Hope you still enjoyed and your imagination got sparked. 
Leave your Ideas in the Comment Section below.