Yep, you guessed it...

More gifts today ... 250 Pictures later I have to say I am extremely satisfied how this year turned out ... in the end ;) literally. 

Feeling so much love these days - thank you!
I am a messy girl...

 Photographs of new outfits coming soon. Going to the New Years Eve party with My Girlfriend, and My special black slave of nearly 12 Years (12 Years a slave lol - just realized this now haha). I told him he gets to be the chauffeur and he gets to hold My fur coat. I am glad that bringing a slave allows Me the luxury to bring plenty of change of shoes AND bringing My very expensive fur coat without worrying about it for a second. Impressing My girlfriend with this good mannered bitch is just a small great side effect. =D


Coming home from  the New Years Eve party, there was more:

Thank you! Keep them coming...I am planning lots of photo shoots in 2019!


Pure Servitude

 Maybe it has something to do with the sliver of time just after Christmas, just before the new year. . . I have been getting a ton of packages, possibly more than ever before, certainly more than in a long time. 
After I posted about My gifts yesterday, I ran out to grab a slice of Pizza, I found three more items by the door. Wow, it has been like Christmas everyday!
Today, it made Me smile when I saw a whole new stack of odd shaped parcels. What the mailman must think..."online shopping addict" lol - I can see it now.  

Many of you boys ask Me to be 'truly useful', few actually turn up to accept the challenge. But when they do...well they really do it right! In the past couple of weeks I have shared with some of you, My wish to redesign My play items and outfit to include more pink in My life. Well, some serious admirers actually listened! 

I love all these pink, and some white,  items arriving at My doorstep  at the moment. I feel like a truly spoiled princess Domme. I didn't think this was possible, but I believe this change in scenery will make play time even MORE FUN. 



X-Mas Gifts for Mistress in Manhattan

boi was I excited to stumble upon so many boxes of Christmas Gifts on My way home...I could barely see anything as they stacked up so high from My hands to just under My nose. Lots of new pink things as I have requested. Kiehl's ad infinitum and so many nice surprises. It was another Christmas Eve for Me tonight. I love all the good boys who worship Mistress in Manhattan and beyond. 



Happy Everything

shout out to J. Christ My lord and savior. Happy Birthday.  Honestly, I am a born again believer. I trust in the fact that My sins have been forgiven. I hide My face for respect of My day to day activities and interactions. There is nothing to be embarrassed of, or ashamed about. I am completely in love with power exchange and humiliating boys, and that's totally okay.  

Even if I did engage in morally questionable behavior, I know that I am a human child of the creator who is loving and kind, and forgiving. I am a the Daughter of a King, a true Princess, and My Daddy only wants what is best for Me!. I also only want what is best for you. I have plans so great for you that they will exceed even your wildest dream and expectations.  

 Happy X-Mas



This Magazine subscription has been one of My favorite type of gift over the years. It shows Me that you are truly interested in My long-term well, clothe and even pedicures are fantastic for instant gratification and -your-viewing pleasure of course. The boy who got Me signed up for this Magazine subscription also payed for two semesters of My Grad School Tuition. This is the type of deep connection I love...someone who wants to make a positive impact in My life that is REAL and PERMANENT.

Sometimes a prospect refuses to present a small gift to meet for coffee. That's a huge turn off! Wow, he really thinks gift covering My weekly trip to the nail salon is going to make a substantial difference in My life? Looks like he is  not only broke but also stupid! This type of boy won't have the mental capacity to serve a woman of My caliber. 

he is a bottom feeder animal lol, he should first look at his life and increase his own earning capacity so that he can serve in a more meaningful way. Of course if he can compensate in other areas (artists) he is still welcome.


Preferred Methods of Corruption

  • Forced Servitude
Total Femme Experience
Obligatory Worship Rituals
(Forced) Crossdressing
Forced Bi Fantasy - cuckolding servitude
'Forced' Anything

  • Psychological Domination
Mind and Head Games
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Guided M.editation
Hypnosis like affirmations and relaxation treatment
Total male species reconditioning
Contrived Paradigm Shifts (accept My reality)

  • Real Life Servitude
Kinky Cocktail
Dinner and Session start with a "normal" date and let Me corrupt you!
Broadway Show / Theater / Concert
Bitchy "Girlfriend Experience"
Weekend Getaways

  • Subtle Public Humiliation
Shopping Sprees***like any hot blooded female ;)
Fetish Party attendance (from causal to hooded and gagged, led around on a collar and leash)
Kneeling on the floor to try on shoes for Me
Dinner Domination 

  • Predicament bondage 
-stress positions-
partial suspensions
tie, tease, and sensual torture

  • Long Distance Training
Phone Domination
Webcam and Voyeur Cam Servitude
Email Assignments
Pay to View Pictures
Online Humiliation

  • Electrical Play
Violet Wand

I truly prefer long term arrangement with serious admirer wising to built ongoing relationship and craves *real* connection, reconditioning, and change.

also interested in:
  • High Protocol and intense slave training
  • Serious Goddess and Foot Worship
  • Edgy Role Play scenarios
  • All form of Humiliation (Physical, Verbal, Extreme)


"Maid" to serve - Job Opening

 Urgently wanted: New Vacuum cleaner + properly dressed sissy maid to operate such dusk sucking machine.

Be aware that eventually dust may not be the only thing you are sucking for Me...

 Job Description
  • Perform general cleaning assignments in apartments, hallways and common areas
  • Prepare apartments for session as assigned
  • Participate in annual cleaning schedules
  • Utilize cleaning chemicals properly and safely 
  • Wash, dry, fold, iron laundry
  • Drop off and pick up laundry
  • Some grocery shopping and food preparation  
  • "Handy-Man" tasks 
Janitorial Experience
Maid Service Experience
Floor Cleaning/Waxing Experience
Window Cleaning Experience
Detail Oriented
Friendly and positive attitude
Team Player
Extremely reliable and dependable
Reliable Transportation
Ability to provide and receive constructive feedback
Not afraid to get dirty
Strong need to serve and please Mistress
Must be able to stand for entire scheduled shift
Must be able to lift, bend, twist, reach, stretch, kneel, squat, push, pull, and lift up to 75 lbs.
Should have an advanced degree, M.A., M.S., J.D, MSW, M.D, Ph.D., or similar so I can have proper discourse with you while you are cleaning.

Please send an email to to be considered

subject line must read: "Maid" to serve
email must include ALL of the following:

  • 1 Head-shot, one vanilla full body picture (non-nude), and one picture of yourself dressed as a maid, if you have a proper uniform already.
  • 2 references for Mistresses whom you have served in a domestic setting previously, these women will be contacted if I decide to consider you
  •  where you live, "Midtown" is not enough, you don't have to give Me cross streets but at least a specific neighborhood.
  • your general availability
Do not call about this position, as doing so will immediately disqualify you.  If you are lucky enough to receive a reply, be ready to go through a long screening process that may include several vanilla meetings and phone interviews. 

Also be financially stable as I may want you to purchase a proper sissy uniform of My liking, among other things needed for training you properly. 


Welcome to My Fantasy (A couple of Thoughts)

As usual, I spent My day fantasizing. My personal fantasies usually revolve around Me meeting a pet boy. The type of pet boy whom I could turn into My full-time, totally-controlled, 24/7, live-in, all-devoted, slave. Actually, let Me set clarify something...This pet boy is not a little boy at all. As a matter of fact, the boy should be a very successful, intelligent, and overall outwardly just truly AMAZING individual during the day...but of course My complete bitch at night. Mine. This is where it becomes interesting. Why would I envision some total loser to be in My life in ANY capacity? After all My gene pool is way too divine to be contaminated by anyone who is not just absolutely splendid. 

The same principle applies the chosen ones I allow to serve My celestial being in any manner. In order to give up control, you must have control. If you suck at life, then there is no point in exploring a power exchange. Keep this in mind at all times. you are not worthless, I do not want you to be a loser, I want you to only degrade yourself for Me, and only Me. Within a safe environment, playing the role and eventually becoming My total bitch. I want you to enter a subservient state, where you desire to submit to Me.I never "force" anyone to will submit to Me only because you choose to do so, because you CAN. 

If you choose to exit My world, you have permission to be a real person again. At first you do not need Me. I don't complete you, and you do not complete Me. W/we must both be functioning,, independent individuals who each have their function and role in society (the world out there). Only if this is the case, can a meaningful Dominant/submissive relationship develop. 

That's it for now, back to selecting just the perfect Sissy Maid Uniform for My future Boy-Toy.


My favorite time of the year!

The weather is beautiful! This is the perfect time to wear all My favorite sun-dresses, sky-high stilettos, and summer-hats.
In anticipation of My biannual European vacation, I am excited to enjoy a few more quality weeks in Manhattan.

How will you utilize this time to show Me that you are  capable, willing and worthy of taking your place underneath Me?


Being Cared for and Loved

So grateful My NJ FiFa arranged that I shall have car service to the airport tomorrow morning as he can not personally chauffeur Me. It is nice when someone loves you and cares about you, isn't it? When I grew up I was surrounded by love. My parents are still married, and so are My Grandparents. I was certainly not spoiled, though that's happening plenty now ;) ...but I had everything I needed. Always. Taken care of and cared for. Always looked after. Always.
Unfortunately there are some people who have never experienced true love and thus sometimes they are unable to love others. Maybe resentful, maybe even unaware, hating life, no matter what, and spreading misery. Hurt people Hurt People. Maybe it is never to late to heal. Maybe healing begins when one becomes willing to move into the present ... maybe ...I would not know. I have never experienced that type of hurt that can't be healed and moved on from.
Whenever someone shares stories of childhood abuse, school violence, even incest...I am horrified! Sometimes it is not a single instance or occasional occurrence, but just a way of life. The system is broken. Never did anything really bad happen to Me...for My entire life. Of course I am a big time Risk Taker so I've found Myself in some bad places often, even as a teen. But by the Grace of God...there go I.
I am truly blessed, with so many things, and for that I am grateful.


Cuckolding and other fun past times


A couple things that have been on My mind lately:
  • Cuckolding (as usual)
  • Chastity and Keyholding
  • Sissy Maid Uniforms
  • Shoe and especially Boot Shopping (shocking I know ;)
 I guess these things are always on My mind...but lately they have been on My mind more often than usual. (⌒_⌒;)


Corn Flakes

There is nothing worse than slaves who beg and beg to serve and when finally given the opportunity, they flake out ... #frustrated #yourloss