My favorite time of the year!

The weather is beautiful! This is the perfect time to wear all My favorite sun-dresses, sky-high stilettos, and summer-hats.
In anticipation of My biannual European vacation, I am excited to enjoy a few more quality weeks in Manhattan.

How will you utilize this time to show Me that you are  capable, willing and worthy of taking your place underneath Me?


Being Cared for and Loved

So grateful My NJ FiFa arranged that I shall have car service to the airport tomorrow morning as he can not personally chauffeur Me. It is nice when someone loves you and cares about you, isn't it? When I grew up I was surrounded by love. My parents are still married, and so are My Grandparents. I was certainly not spoiled, though that's happening plenty now ;) ...but I had everything I needed. Always. Taken care of and cared for. Always looked after. Always.
Unfortunately there are some people who have never experienced true love and thus sometimes they are unable to love others. Maybe resentful, maybe even unaware, hating life, no matter what, and spreading misery. Hurt people Hurt People. Maybe it is never to late to heal. Maybe healing begins when one becomes willing to move into the present ... maybe ...I would not know. I have never experienced that type of hurt that can't be healed and moved on from.
Whenever someone shares stories of childhood abuse, school violence, even incest...I am horrified! Sometimes it is not a single instance or occasional occurrence, but just a way of life. The system is broken. Never did anything really bad happen to Me...for My entire life. Of course I am a big time Risk Taker so I've found Myself in some bad places often, even as a teen. But by the Grace of God...there go I.
I am truly blessed, with so many things, and for that I am grateful.