Preferred Methods of Corruption

  • Forced Servitude
Total Femme Experience
Obligatory Worship Rituals
(Forced) Crossdressing
Forced Bi Fantasy - cuckolding servitude
'Forced' Anything

  • Psychological Domination
Mind and Head Games
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Guided M.editation
Hypnosis like affirmations and relaxation treatment
Total male species reconditioning
Contrived Paradigm Shifts (accept My reality)

  • Real Life Servitude
Kinky Cocktail
Dinner and Session start with a "normal" date and let Me corrupt you!
Broadway Show / Theater / Concert
Bitchy "Girlfriend Experience"
Weekend Getaways

  • Subtle Public Humiliation
Shopping Sprees***like any hot blooded female ;)
Fetish Party attendance (from causal to hooded and gagged, led around on a collar and leash)
Kneeling on the floor to try on shoes for Me
Dinner Domination 

  • Predicament bondage 
-stress positions-
partial suspensions
tie, tease, and sensual torture

  • Long Distance Training
Phone Domination
Webcam and Voyeur Cam Servitude
Email Assignments
Pay to View Pictures
Online Humiliation

  • Electrical Play
Violet Wand

I truly prefer long term arrangement with serious admirer wising to built ongoing relationship and craves *real* connection, reconditioning, and change.

also interested in:
  • High Protocol and intense slave training
  • Serious Goddess and Foot Worship
  • Edgy Role Play scenarios
  • All form of Humiliation (Physical, Verbal, Extreme)