Yep, you guessed it...

More gifts today ... 250 Pictures later I have to say I am extremely satisfied how this year turned out ... in the end ;) literally. 

Feeling so much love these days - thank you!
I am a messy girl...

 Photographs of new outfits coming soon. Going to the New Years Eve party with My Girlfriend, and My special black slave of nearly 12 Years (12 Years a slave lol - just realized this now haha). I told him he gets to be the chauffeur and he gets to hold My fur coat. I am glad that bringing a slave allows Me the luxury to bring plenty of change of shoes AND bringing My very expensive fur coat without worrying about it for a second. Impressing My girlfriend with this good mannered bitch is just a small great side effect. =D


Coming home from  the New Years Eve party, there was more:

Thank you! Keep them coming...I am planning lots of photo shoots in 2019!