IMPORTANT: About Privacy

Discretion has always been my number one requirement. I am a very private person and I prefer  remain anonymous. Some of my elitist friends would hate to be seen in public with a ...Dominatrix #Scandal. You do not need to be a high profile person to recognize the value of keeping certain things a secret in life. 
Be assured, I never Whip and Tell.


Cowardly Lion - or how to talk to the Goddess

Tell Me, what you are most often thinking about...

1. Novice 

you are new and have no or limited experience. Maybe you have had a bad experience at a commercial house, only played privately, or seen a few professional Dominatrices before. Respectful individuals of all experience levels are welcome to apply for servitude, as long as you are eager to learn...and I am able to enjoy your submissive/kinky journey.

2. SSO 

you are SSO - Simply Stressed out, I see it all the time! your job is demanding, maybe your wife has little understanding, or you are just tired of being in control all the time. For once you would like someone else to take over, temporarily telling you what to do, helping you let go of some of your stress. 

3. Fetishist 

Being submissive is not a requirement to start a commitment to your new Mistress, however being respectful is. Regardless if you like leather, latex, fur, or German Goddesses (okay, then again who doesn't?). I am a big believer that there is absolutely noting that doesn't get someone excited, what's your kink?

4. New Girlfriend

Have I mentioned that I love men in pantyhose?! sissies, cross-dressers, transvestites, trans-genders, and everyone in between is more than welcome to apply to join My circle of  friends. No matter how much or how little transformation you are comfortable with...I will put in touch with your inner femininity. 

5. Foot Enthusiast

you know who you are. Contact Me and I may allow you to worship My genetically perfect, always  pedicured, curvy feet. 

6. Bondage Lover

It is not a secret that I love binding you inescapably. My studio is equipped to effectively tie you up lying down or standing up. If you are into heavy bondage, I recommend a minimum  of  3  hours..once W/we get to know and trust each other and choose to play. 

7. Slave...and who wouldn't want to be a slave to German Perfection :0 ;) 

When did you first realize that you ought to be owned? Have you had these fantasies as long as you can think, or is this a recent development? Most importantly: How will you serve Me? How will you make this really real?

8. The Humbled

 Verbal, physical, severe humiliation. Maybe even racial play or public scenes. I am a humiliatrix at heart, and if you love to be humbled, then I'd love to her from you.

9. Piggy Bank 

Congratulations! you have realized that all your hard-earned money really belongs to Me. you will suffer so that I can live in luxury and you love that you are working hard to please your new Mistress the German Goddess.    


 following is a 2014 update to this post, which was originally published in February 2011

  10. Race Play

Doing and saying the things that you are just "not suppose to" do and say are really H-O-T to doesn't mean that I am actually racist, or endorse Nazi Concentration camps..... NO, it simply means that I recognize the desire to experience this type of play in a safe, non-judgmental environment for those who consensualy choose to engage in this type of play. Email Me, I am an enabler.


Recent Gifts

As promised, Gallery of recent gifts Mistress received in Manhattan. I especially love the Kate Spade bag from my best friend Hotel room buddy and the Unicorn Headband from German honey hans. Yes, honey, I am a Unicorn! lol The pocket bock is not something I would have picked Myself, but I love it!!! It goes with several of the outfits I have received recently. #Impressed.

Also love the fact that you boys are getting into purchasing items of "real life use" such as Yoga Matt, coffee French Press, etc. Thank you udin brown boy for making large order from Sephora and Urban Decay to update My make up collection with My favorites as well as every single product I have been dying to test.



4 Days of ***HUGE*** Showers

Christmas is the perfect time for a all types of showers...and Christmas seems to be ongoing for Mistress here in Manhattan. Filling up My wardrobe, shoe shelf, and heart with so much joy! Trying to keep up with pictures of it all. Super Spoiled. #Princess. 2019 has truly been My best year yet! 

Photographs of all the items to come soon =D 

Thank you pets.

A New Year - Reflections

I have always been very discreet about My extracurricular pursuits, and I do not plan on changing this. However, after much contemplation I have decided to 'own' Leona Stern fully, at least within some of the BDSM community. 

You may know that I have taken My level of privacy to the extreme. I never reveal Myself as 'Leona Stern' at fetish parties. Part of it has been an occasional fun game and unfortunately, also some unhealthy denial. Even during professional conventions (DomCon, FetCon, Exoticca), I would go out of My way to 'fly under the radar'. 

If someone asked for My name, I simply said "I am the German Goddess, call Me G.G."  Often some of My colleagues hardly knew who I was, and I started to forget who I really was. This constant masquerade has led Me to experience somewhat of an identity crisis. Sad but true.

To move forward, I have finally bought the domain, this is something I have been planing for several years. I have also decided to become even more authentic, letting My true self shine through even more. As you may know, I have taken most of My own pictures for a few years now, due to concern of My privacy.

At this point I am talking to, and planning to collaborate with an amazingly talented photographer who has felt some musing vibes from Me during an initial test shoot at the Parthenon Studio in NYC. I am eagerly looking forward  to experiencing a journey to create more meaningful visual delights.  

Picture by My new Photographer

2019 will mark My 12th year at the NYC Rubber Studio (Parthenon Studio). One decade of Midtown Manhattan Debauchery. My Mentor and Mommynatrix has always been quite supportive of My wish for privacy. I am not, and may never be ready and willing to 'come out' to the public entirely, but now I will own My place in the empire over which I reign firmly.

I have always been accessible for my biggest fans, but I like to remain invisible for the causal seeker and collector of Dommes. Throughout the years, My level of secrecy led some evil tongues to spread frequent  rumors about My 'retirement'. 

Most people can't retire in their 30s, and how do I 'quit' being a Domme? I am a true lifestyle Mistress, this isn't just a temporary gig for Me, I can't quit this. This is who I am, this is what I am. I am a Dominatrix as much as I am part of the Human Race

I didn't choose this Lifestyle, this Lifestyle choose Me.