One of the first Questions for a prospect is: What is your experience? Usually I ask this Question to find out where you have been, what you have already experienced, and how My training would benefit your further development. If I do not know where you are coming from then it is difficult to figure out where you are in this present moment and where you could be going in the future.  
Another reason I ask this question is to see if W/we will be compatible. Too often do I hit it off with someone and then I find out they had  sexual relationship of sorts with their previous Mistress. Your new Mistress is not interested in this type of intimacy with a total stranger.  If the subject does not state the true nature of the relationship he / she seeks then it is difficult to manage expectations. 
Managing  expectations is one of the most important things W/we can collaboratively do. It is important to openly talk about mutual chemistry and honestly discuss interests. Never over or understate your experiences and fantasies. One more thing, willingness is vital! and remember, I am the Boss. This is why you MUST respect My Authority. Always. 

Consider it your first act of devotion to learn everything you can about Me. In My writings you will learn many things about your Goddess, and everything you need to become a useful possession of Mine.


Regrets are a waste of Time

Regret caused by the things you did - is disarmed by time;  however regret for the things you did not do  is inconsolable. In many years you will likely be more disappointed about opportunities you missed, than by the risks you took.

Would you rather?

Embark on a journey even knowing that you may have some regret afterwards. 


Avoid exploring new options, even when this would mean that you will never know the possibilities 

Any thoughts??