Tease and Denial

Be assured that power exchange, control, and the breaking of the male spirit is not a game for Me but a lifestyle. This is the oxygen that I breathe. Whenever I do not get the opportunity to subjugate a male creature for more than 48 hours, I actively feel withdrawals. Students who wish to learn at My feet should pay particular attention to My words. Your brainwashing begins here.

There is something about tease and denial that makes Me breathless and giddy. Why? Because My passion is the control and re-education of the male specimen, and each male specimen is most easily controlled through his erotic desire. Think of how many times you have sworn you will never do something. And yet when you are tied up and helpless, coerced into arousal and longing by the slim delicate fingers of a true artist, you find yourself agreeing to almost anything. In this state the male mind is most open and receptive. New fetishes can be implanted, new beliefs, new desires. I can even make you believe that I am your God (although let's be honest, you believe that already. Why else are you still reading? ;) ). A man needs to be re-educated, taught to think correctly. And it is through his erotic longing that I find access to his deepest psyche...

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  1. Yes Mistress. You are absolute perfection. A magnificent Goddess that dreams are made of. it would be my great honor to serve You and worship at Your feet. Your wish is my command Mistress.


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