Tease and Denial Part II

Let there be no doubt, that one of the hottest things is watching a male creature be reduced from his normal articulate self, to a panty wearing slut (female panties preferably - it's obvious). you enter a state in which you become ever more desperate for my touch and attention… and I love every second of it. Desperate for release, willing to do anything to please the Goddess, I can and will take total control. Allowing your release straight away would  throw you out of this pleasurable moment, forcing you to crash down to earth, immediately returning to your familiar, mundane world.  

Instead why don't you stay a while...

Surely you already know that it is better for you that I prolong this moment, increasing its intensity, drawing out your need from your soul and weaving it into a shape of My choosing. In that moment, there is no outside world, nothing else exists and you unquestionably are Mine. I never want to end that moment. I want to extend it for as long as I can. In that moment you are My science project, My lab rat, My experiment, and I want to see just how far I can take you. I live for that moment. I live for tease and denial.
Emphasis on the Denial Part.


Tax Totalitarian

 First and Foremost I am a true Lifestyle Mistress, and absolute ruler, a dictator, one who demands total control. Secondly, I like to run a system that is flawless and well maintained.

I will spell this out for you here: Tax Totalitarian

a system of ruling that is absolute and dictatorial AND requires complete subservience to the Queen

a required contribution to the System, imposed by the Queen on workers' income and business profit; also: strain or heavy demand


Yes, it was Me.

Had an excellent time last Night at the NYC Rubber Studio Anniversary Party. Thank you to Latex Nemesis for getting this beautiful pink hood ready in time to hide My identity. I can not believe it took Me nearly 12 years to figure this out... 


Random Fact #333

My favorite Number is 3, it is also My lucky number. I find 3 to be the most magical number there ever was, is and ever will be. 9 is also okay, sounds like "No" in German and it is 3 Squared of course. I think about numbers a lot. I wonder if others think about numbers as much as I do...