Remaining Private

I prefer to purse this endeavor discreetly, only My closest personal friends know about My secret passion. I like to keep it this way. 

Being very cautious about My image in this sphere of My existence, I enjoy operating 'under the radar'. 

Please know that limiting My exposure is My #1 Priority.  

September 2019

Fan Art 2019


PSA: Currently in Manhattan

I don't know who needs to hear this, but I am currently in Manhattan, I will be out of Town October 1-10.

Fall is the best season in New York :)


Game Over

Cast your eyes over My pictures, read My words, and your days as a free man are numbered. W/we both know that it’s better that way. Left to your own devices you are an unruly wild animal, giving into to your basest desires. You need loving, authoritative control, and I am the woman to provide it.
Standing 5′ 7″ tall over you, your body and mind will melt when I command you in My authoritative German accent to abase yourself before Me. You will feel as if you have come home. And make no mistake, kneeling before My toned 34DDx 23″ x 35″ Goddess body is your home.
I will empty all thoughts from your animal mind and replace them with the ache and longing to serve. You will be broken down, emptied out, and reborn under My direction. Shaped by My slim elegant fingers.

Breaking men is My passion and My art.

Call Me now and become My canvas, as I paint My delicious and wicked desires all over you.

I have many interests, and prospective supplicants are encouraged to read over My feedback and blog. Also check out My Goodies.

Consider it your first act of devotion to learn everything you can about Me. In My writings you will learn everything that it is appropriate for you to know about your Goddess, and everything you need to become a useful possession of Mine.

Whilst I am always mindful of your fetishes and desires, I am a genuine dominant woman and will lead the session in the direction that I choose. You will not be disappointed. In fact, you may well end up addicted…
Consider yourself warned