10PM on a Wednesday in October, I thought the Fall would be nice in NYC...but it's cold, way too cold. I am adding a fireplace to the list of things I need ;-) That is right, I didn't say 'want' - never. 
I Need. 


October 25th, 26th, 27th Boston, MA

In two weeks I will be returning to what I consider My home in the United States: Massachusetts. Boston, get ready! There are currently no live sessions possible, however I will make myself available to meet for coffee or drink and chat for a Tribute. Ca$h meet okay, suggest deposit. 

Please know I have very limited time as I am taking a personal trip to Boston...

My plane tickets, Hotel etc. are booked and 100% confirmed. Those who want guaranteed time on My schedule send Amazon Gift Card as tribute to to guarantee face to face time.

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Looking forward to your Servitude!


NYC October 11-28th

Leaving NYC tomorrow, back in just a bit over a week. This trip was amazing, including a number of welcome surprises.

Remember, discretion is key. See you soon!