Beneath this
conservative veneer 
of classic beauty
lies a wicked mind 
too complex 
to describe 
in only a few words...

Many words may start to clarify ... begin to reveal ... unravel. This blog is for entertainment purposes only. It would please Me very much to know that you enjoy it

Occasionally an admirer wishes to speak to Me directly, I have set up a phone line this purpose. There are also options to shower Mistress with gifts in the mail if you choose to worship Me in that way.
I have lived in NYC for over a decade and I occasionally snowbird on the West Coast. Rest assured that my natural intuition and classic appearance allow Me to navigate any setting effortlessly. You would never recognize Me IRL (in real life) - I make sure of it.
Preserving the highest level of discretion at all times is vital for Me.

Protocols, outlined in the pages to follow are mechanisms to test your ability to adhere to My rules. If you can not follow directions, then I have no use for you. This process is non-negotiable, I preserve the right to reject or accept requests as I please. 

After all, I am the ONE in control.

Learn more about Me on the following pages. . .