Who is your new Mistress?

First of all, I am glad you have a keen interest in learning more about Me! Secondly, I do not 'session', - I change lives. This isn't some game for Me, it is My real lifestyle. I love Power Exchange especially if it involves any form of Humiliation
Meet your new Mistress: 
you may call Me Leona Stern. Leona Stern is not My real name but it is the FemDom name I have been using for over 10 years. There are other names, as there are other spheres of My life. 

I like to remain anonymous. 

Address Me  as Ms Stern, Frau Stern, Senora Stern, or simply Goddess

 you may call Me Mistress once you earn that Privilege
                        ~ I was born Divine,
                        ~ I am an extension of the The Deity
                        ~ I may not be the sole creator of the Universe
                                        but I may very well rule and control
                                    everything that is within your Universe.
         -If you will allow Me-  

Basic requirements: you must be willing, ready AND able
 you can not give up control if you do not have control

Maybe you would enjoy serving, and thus surrendering to a woman like Me?
I am an artist and you may be My latest creation.

I can give you a new name, a new purpose.
 -add meaning to this hollow man shaped piece of flesh.

I know you came here searching for something.

Maybe you don't even know what you are really looking for.

Let Me enlighten you. . .and help you find what you need.

As a lifelong student of human beings and behavior I like studying your mind, your soul,
...reshape you...to My liking...

Physically and Mentally.

Maybe the time has come for you to be truly useful. Maybe you have met your match, the One who is 'worthy' of your submission, your total Surrender...

At Uni, I first studied Behavioral Economics. This is where Psychology (study of individuals) meets Sociology (study of groups), Economics (study of market supply and demands), and Marketing (how to sell stuff). I have completed several other courses of study, but this is not the place to brag about My academic achievements. you will realize for yourself, soon enough, that My intelligent capacities much exceed My physical Assets. Speaking of physical, please be aware that those who seek only physical pleasure are useless to Me. They will never know true Satisfaction and Contentment.  Let Me repeat, those who seek only physical pleasure will never know true Satisfaction. Ever.

PS I was also born with perfect feet: Size 8

Please contact Me if you want to purchase or use any of My photographs. All my images are protected by Copyright, Designs Patents Act 1988. None of the photographs may be used without written permission from Me this includes copying, duplicating,reproducing,storing,publishing,transmitting by any means.
The utilization in other web pages without the express written consent of Me is prohibited.
Violators will be punished, not in a FUN way


  1. Goddess please let me know what I can do to serve The. You are all knowing and perfect and I need to be beneath You!

  2. I've earned many privileges over time, but being allowed to call You Goddess has a special place in me. Ruff-Ruff-Ruff!!!


What is your opinion?
Or do you not have an opinion and need Me to give you one?