Preliminary Meetings

Maybe you are a novice and still unsure about BDSM. Possibly you would appreciate My company for an evening to establish if there is chemistry before sharing your private fantasies in depth. 

I occasionally meet with like minded individuals who are simply looking for discourse.  Knowing how hard it is to find someone who is familiar with D/s dynamics and understands kink, I make Myself available to speak. Regardless if you are a prospective friend, devoted admirer, or seeking a long term arrangement. 
I meet individuals for a kink consultation, those in need of counseling, or simply comforting.

Here are just a few options:  
(including suggested donations  for My time) 
Coffee                         50
Lunch                           100
Dinner Date                  300
Private Discussion/ Counseling   150per hour

One time meeting or an ongoing Friendship with your new Mistress has been an important component of many slaves / subs training.