I love pushing your boundaries,
but always respect your LIMITS
- please return the favor. 

I love to make you weak...please tell Me how to push your buttons! Request for specific activities will be taken into consideration. As a lifestyle Mistress primarily, I do not see Myself as a "service provider". It is understood that any tribute is paid for My time only.

Spending Time with Me will give you a natural high. There is no need for any Mind or Mood altering substances. 
Drugs, including Alcohol are not allowed. 

My hard limits (long Version)

(Following are the things I am NEVER interested in):

1. Subbing or Switching

When W/we meet I will always play the dominant role. If you are not a submissive/slave, but rather a fetishist, I will only play with you as long as you are respectful and there is chemistry.


2. Urethral Penetration

Medical play such as catheters and sounds are not something I have done regularly in about 10 years or so, I like to play safe, hence I do not engage in these type of activities.


3. Drawing Blood

Cutting, needles, piercings, excessive beatings and impact play which may break the skin. Please keep your blood inside of you! The only Blood Play I enjoy is the Ruby Shower variety.


4. Excessive Pain

I am not a Physical Sadist, Mental and Emotional YES! YES! YES!... but not physical. Light to Medium CBT and NT are fun for Me, anything beyond this is not.


5. Extreme breath-play/choking

Some believe there is safe ways to choke someone until they pass out, i.e. sleeper-hold etc. In My opinion it is dangerous, no matter what. It doesn't matter who does it. After the death of 16 people from 1975-1982, even the LAPD no longer allows choke holds.


6. Smoking

I have a HUGE smoking fetish BUT I do not smoke cigarettes, never, not even if you pay Me.   I think smoking is hot and smoking women are incredibly sexy.
Update Fall 2012: I recently started to smoke cigarettes sometimes...just part of My smoking fetish. Especially enjoy electronic cigarettes and e-hookas. 
Update Sep 2016: I quit smoking cigarettes, I also no longer smoke anything that is has nicotine in it. I will smoke vapor and hookah.

7. Nudity on My behalf

No topless sessions and no nude sessions. Please do not ask. If I felt like "taking My top off", I would do so on My own. If you ask Me to disrobe will be asked to leave My premises - no refunds. However, I will have a SCSF with you! That is if your budget allows.

8. Wandering hands

Unless I give you explicit instructions to do so, you are not allowed to touch Me. Doing so will not result in 'punishment' but will lead Me to ask you to leave and you will not be invited back. No Refunds.


9. Wrestling w/o bribe

- and unless your name is "Onassis", you can probably not afford the bribe.


10. NO Lift and Carry

Seriously? I am probably smaller than you, unless you are a serious midget there is NO WAY I can safely lift an adult person. My intention is to remain without injuries...please respect that.

Do not embarrass yourself

by asking for any sexual favors

This includes "Servicing" Me, ie Leckdienste. Be assured that I certainly do not need to 'force' anyone to worship Me intimately. Also refer to point #7 above and keep your STDs to yourself.

  • NO -JOBS- if it ends with "Job" I am not interested. If I am looking for a job I will speak to the labor department. 
  • you are not the labor department.

"It should be emphasized that although the interaction is erotic in nature, pro-dommes are not prostitutes—intercourse, oral sex, or manual gratification are not components of the exchange."(Lindemann, 2010. Sociological Forum, Vol. 25, No. 3, September 2010 DOI: 10.1111/j.1573-7861.2010.01197.x )

Showers and Multi-Player Party

All showers (Golden, Ruby, or Brown) and double sessions (cuckolding / two Mistresses/ slave girl / forced bi) are reserved for established subs only.

Cost and Ongoing Friendships

WHEN IN NEW YORK CITY, I prefer to establish something ongoing. For Me, playtime is most satisfying when in terms of an ongoing arrangement. This is because the psychological dynamic between Mistress and slave is very special. As O/our relationship continues to evolve, it will become more multi-faceted, developing unique complexities. Arrangements that unfold over time tend to be much more intense, opening opportunities beyond your wildest imagination.
Start by checking out My Coffee? page.

For additional Tributes contact Me:

* No Couples, unless you are an established Friend
** same day inconvenience fee: 200
***additional Domme / Master / Prosub may join the scene, but first meeting always one on one, unless you have a strong reference and make a deposit

Hard Limits (Short Version):
Showers reserved for established pets
Cigarette smoking should be taken care of BEFORE session and OUTSIDE of My building. I do not smoke! I do not want to smell of smoke.
I don't enjoy other people's blood.

Urethral penetration or excessive physical pain is out of My comfort zone. If you like these things I suggest you find another Mistress
Nudity on My behalf is not on the Menu.
"Wandering Hands" - just don't do it.